CTF Flight Arena

You might (or might not ;)) be wondering why it's called 'Flight Arena' .... easy! The second you spawn on the map, TADA! you have an anti-g...


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You might (or might not ;)) be wondering why it's called 'Flight Arena' .... easy! The second you spawn on the map, TADA! you have an anti-gravity pack sitting right infront of you! I seriously had so much fun on this map! BETAmax really looks for stuff that no one has really done before (like the map Elevator) and then makes an excellent map of it. Anyways, this is a great map.. you must check it out!

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Download 'ctf_flight.zip' (886KB)


ctf_flight by EF BETAmax

This map has support for CTF, TDM and FFA


Eric Schafenberg for his EFRadient tutorials.
Stukatto for his EFRadient tutorials.
Kevin Richardson for his tutorials.
Gamespy EFRadient Forum for their helpful advice.
M. Kupfer (DANGERCITY) for inspiration.
[nWo]Buffalo (ctf_playground) for inspiration.
Jeff Kuecken (Waterzone) for inspiration.
EF Adidas for flight arena concept.

The EF Clan for their continuing support-
especially EF Cruise - clan webmaster. EF Blood - server resources.

WEBSITES THAT HAVE MY MAPS, thanks for sharing my work.

Elite Force Files,  www.effiles.com, [nWo] Clan, www.nwomainframe2.com


EF Homer, EF Adidas, EF Blood
[AvA]Peekapoo, [nWo]Buffalo


Gene Roddenberry for creating Star Trek.
Paramount for continuing the franchise.
Raven Software for the great game.

Anyone else who has provided information about using EFRadient on the internet.

This is my sixth map. It is also my first attempt at custom textures. EF Adidas requested a photon arena map. While playing ctf_tangled Adidas suggested we each wait at one of the anti-grav packs that are located in the corners of the map and have an arial battle.This map is an extention of his idea. Basically instead of waiting at the anti-grav pack, every time you spawn into the game (apart from the initial spawn in team games) an anti grav pack will spawn in front of you. Please let me know of any bugs or probs.

[email protected] 
[email protected]

All materials are the copyright of their respective owners, no infringement was intended in the creation of this map.

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