ctf_gyro is a fairly small map from Freak_Fish.

The map is primarily a strafe jumpers playground, with a variety of different surfaces to jump around on. Each end of the map has four little defence units that you could sit in and pick off your targets from relative safety. With some pretty interesting lighting and a relatively unique design, gyro is a reasonable map that could be quite enjoyable for strafe jumpers.

See the readme for a little more information and installation instructions.





this is a map for elite force 1.

it is in ctf style that its compatable with disi and normal ctf.
no bot support.
all weapons are in the map except hypo and borg.


to install this file, copy and paste the .PK3 into your BaseEF folder.
the usual directory is C:Program FilesRavenStar Trek Voyager Elite ForceBaseEF

if it isnt you are very strange. sos your computer.

legal stuff:

use my map for whatever you want, just give proper credit.

if you have any complaints, map ideas, map problems or anything of that nature please
email me at [email protected]

have fun!

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