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2 bases are connected by one very long tunnel. A train goes back and forth to carry the players to the other base. I...


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No Botsupport

2 bases are connected by one very long tunnel. A train goes back and forth to carry the players to the other base. It is not recommended to step on the track since a train runs on electricity, it is only logical that the track is lethal. There is really one path to the other base which is kind of a bad thing in general, but it is probably unavoidable in this case.

When riding on the train you will notice that movement through the train as it goes is just like the real thing, jump and you will fall to the back. When entering the station area it stops for quite a long time, maybe a bit too long. This prohibits a fast way to escape. The red base is not bad although a bit blocky. The blue one is a bit boring, there's not much to see and it's also blocky.

There are a few overlapping textures and the lighting is nothing fancy. FPS is bad, it's very unstable.

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Readme: Elite Force Map - CTF London Underground
By radiant_rookie
Contact me at: sampas@porthpean.fslife.co.uk
This map began one day when I had a stinking cold and had to do something to take my mind off of it, and it kind of evolved from there. There are basically two underground stations, the underground one is the blue base and the open air one is the red base. These two are connected (as you might have guessed) by a train.

It took about a day to create the bare bones of it (the stations, train) and a further week or two to finish it to a point where the train no longer 'derailed' and there were no longer brushes floating about in mid air :-)

An interesting feature of this map, which to my knowledge has never been used before, is the 'early warning system' which warns your team in the form of an onscreen message if a member of the opposing team is too close to your base. This is especially useful for CTF games.

Compile Time: About 15 seconds with vis, fast, light

Compiled With: GTKRadiant 1.2.11

Compile Machine:

Intel P4 3.00GHz with Hyper-Threading
512MB of RAM
ATI Radeon 9200SE
80GB Hard Drive

To install, just copy underground.pk3 to the folder:
 X:\Program Files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force\BaseEF (where X:\ is the drive you installed Elite Force in.)

To load the map just select CTF London Underground from the Solo Match menus.

Map Features: 
Match Types: FFA, Team DM, CTF
Bot Support: No
Recommended Players: 7

Known Bugs:

 - No bot support: I have tried to get bots to use trains before, but with no luck, so it      makes no sense and would be a waste of space and bandwidth (especially to 56K'ers like      me) to include bot support in a map where the only method of travel is a                    train. 

 - Z-fighting errors: Minor, hardly noticeable.

 - For some reason, the target_print entity doesn't seem to like printing £ signs, hence       the misspelling of the 'gag' on your entry to either station

If you find any others, please let me know via the comments page on EFFiles.com.
Some of the textures used in this map (specifically the Underground logos and the brick wall texture) were adapted from a London Underground mod for the freeware train-sim, BVE. Sorry, but I lost the contact details for the creator of this mod. If the creator of said mod is reading this, drop me an e-mail at [sampas@porthpean.fslife.co.uk] and I'd be happy to belatedly ask your permission to use these textures, and acknowledge your contribution either on the effiles.com comment page for this map, or in the readme files of future versions of this map.

All other extra textures used were created by me, radiant_rookie.
This map is the copyright of its creator, with the exception of the aforementioned textures. Do not edit or reverse-engineer it in any way without my prior written consent. You may use the included textures that were not mentioned above, provided that you contact me and ask my permission first. You may also post this map on another download site, again provided that you ask my permission first.

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