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Minx is an 'extension' to CTF Voy1. If you've played Voy1 on a full server (i.e. 16 people) you'll know it does get a bit squashy ;) Min...


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Minx is an 'extension' to CTF Voy1. If you've played Voy1 on a full server (i.e. 16 people) you'll know it does get a bit squashy ;) Minx was made to fix just that! It's a LOT more open and some of the added elements still make sure the gameplay is as fast and fun as before! For starters, the flags can now be found on the top of each base on a small (and very open to attack) platform. The transporters have been switch around slightly, mostly due to the two new bunkers added to the sides of the middle area. Each bunker now has a glass floor/ceiling which is breakable, but only after taking a LOT of damage. Once the glass is broken, well, things like the detpack are a bit hard to reach (though not impossible to get ;)). There are also jumppads now which instantly throw you into the very centre of the map which really helped keep the gameplay moving. Weapon placement hasn't changed, except that you have new weapons and pickups in the two new bunkers.

Bot support for the map isn't too bad either! In the beginning the bots seems to stick around the bunkers, but once the game got started they were all over the place! They did use the same route though, but still, atleast they put up a fight!

Overall, a very good version of Voy1. I highly recommend checking this out!

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: No New Sounds: No Supported Game Types: FFA, TDM, CTF

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Download 'ctf_minx.zip' (1.74MB)

Readme file for CTF_MINX By Mantis.

Thank you for downloading my first ever map! I hope you enjoy it.


1. About the map
2. Files Included
3. Installation
4. Contact


1. About the map

This is my first map after a month of messing around with brushes
etc. This map is a mod of ctf_voy1 (thanks to the game developers 
for that map). I changed it because I found in large CTF games of 
12+ players voy1 was very difficult to play on. So the logical
answer was to make it bigger, and that's exactly what I did.

Oh and the name...it is my cat's name. Since she was sat on my lap
during most of my mapping fun I thought she deserved some recognition,
kept my lap very warm through such a cold winter spell lol.

This map has bot support.


2. Files Included



3. Installation

Unzip the contents of ctf_minx.zip to your Elite Force BaseEF folder.
By default this should be located in

C:\Program Files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force\BaseEF

To test - start Elite Force and type at the console (insert Ef CD-ROM 
before doing this)

/map ctf_minx

If the map loads then it has worked!


4. Contact

If for any reason you wish to contact the creator of this map you 
can reach me at this mail address [email protected] or why not
visit my site http://www.geocities.com/mantis484/

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