CTF Prisoner

Cool map here! CTF Prisoner features 3 secrets, 2 easy enough to reach, but the other 1 is *hard* (even I have had no luck finding it!;)). T...


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Cool map here! CTF Prisoner features 3 secrets, 2 easy enough to reach, but the other 1 is *hard* (even I have had no luck finding it!;)). This map is very good on all fronts (as in it's good for defense, offence, you name it). I find it playing on it quite amazing, it's really well designed and thats seems to be a permanent feature of Vorax's maps ;) hehe.

Download it! It's alota fun!

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Download 'ctf_prisoner.zip' (6.65MB)

The Prisoner

About the map:
The Prisoner is based on a secret joke known to a small group composed of some of the top Elite Force players in the world.  "Freak Show"

I don't want to comment on the game play, or say how good the graphics are or blah blah blah.  Just try it and make your own decisions.  
However, I will say this:  There are 3 secrets in this level.  Two of them are found fairly easily as there is one on each side, red and blue.  I am sure these two secrets will become a regular part of the maps play.

The third is secret is well hidden, and may take hours to find.  It will allow you access to "Freak".  He will tell you who imprisoned him if you reach him...nuff said ;)

I recommend this map for 4-16 players.

To install this map, extract the ctf_kba.pk3 file into your baseEF directory.  The location of baseEF will depend on where you installed Elite Force.

Typically, it would be here:
C:\Program Files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force\baseEF

That's it!  Load up Elite Force, create a server and find the map in your list.  Play online or add some bots.

Map Info:
Creation Time:  Design and construction: 27 hours
Map Compile Time:  64 minutes on my PIII 500Mhz, 256MB RAM

Paintshop Pro

Thanks goes to:
The creator of the skybox texture; Sock.

==== From his readme =================================
author:           Sock 
email address:    [email protected]
URL:              http://www.planetquake.com/simland
The creator of the texture pack, Evil4_metals.  I have no idea who made it, but they rock :)

The beta testers of the (X) clan and [SEA] clan, and Raven software for creating the game

About Me: (Boring stuff...copy and paste)
My real name is Darren Pye.  I am a Senior Software Architect/Engineer working in the wireless world and thinking of switching to video games.  Any takers?   I am serious Raven!!  Blah blah...yes I copied this from all my other boring readme files ;)

I have been programming for 19 years, since I was 11.  I am currently developing a framework for load balancing/fault tolerance that apply intelligent pro-active messures based on the knowledge of the component inter-communications and statistical usage patterns.  Fun stuff!

I love input on the maps.  Please feel free to email me at:  [email protected]

Vist my web site at:  http://vorax0.tripod.com

Thanks for downloading!

- [SEA]Vorax

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