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Now this map has a really interesting design. There are some walkways up in the air although you can also walk on the ground, be careful you...


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Now this map has a really interesting design. There are some walkways up in the air although you can also walk on the ground, be careful you don't fall in any of those pools with acid ;) Probably a good idea to avoid them. I thought the arches on the walkways were kind of a pain in the behind. It really limits the fast pace on this map but this might have been done intentionally. Too fast can be bad for the gameplay. I kind of liked the overall design especially those huge rocks in the center, they prohibit people from shooting you from the other side of the map and they look cool. Everything looked sort of bright, I mean there could have been a lot of interesting things done with the lighting but this is nothing special. There's even a soothing breeze in the background and a custom sky!

I would recommend 4v4 since the map is not that big and it could get a bit crowded.

Still this map is worth checking out.

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Download 'ctf_quarry.zip' (2.7MB)

CTF Quarry: (Entry for the 1.30 patch Mapping Contest held by www.eliteforcefiles.com)

Author: 			MadBarrett
Date Of Completion: 		11/10/2003
Version of STVEF Required: 	1.30

Approximate Build/Design/Edit Time: 	3 Weeks
System: 				AMD Athlon 850MHz,
					128MB RAM,
					32MB Graphics Card,
					~1GB free HDD space
Compile Time: 				82 mins

Game Types Supported: 	CTF, Team DM
Custom Textures: 	Yes
Custom Sounds:  	Yes
Custom Shaders:  	Yes
Bot Support:     	No 

I tried adding bot support, but the bots wouldn't work properly I so didn't include the .AAS file to reduce the overall file size


CTF Quarry is my first fully completed map for STVEF & amazingly, to my knowledge at least, has no bugs (except the bots not wanting to work properly!); though do correct me if I'm wrong! The concept for this map kinda came out of nowhere - was fiddling around with GenSurf one day, racking my brains for an idea that I could submit for the contest when suddenly, hey-presto, out of nowhere CTF Quarry began to appear! Hopefully this will be the first of many maps to come from me now that I've finally completed one!


Surely you guys don't need me to tell you how to do this!? Ah well if I must, here goes:

* Open the ctf_quarry.zip file using an archiving software program like Winzip
* Extract ctf_quarry.pk3 to your baseEF folder (default location c:\program files\raven\star trek voyager elite force\baseEF)
* Run Star Trek Voyager Elite Force Holomatch
* Go in to the menu system, selecting gametype: CTF
* Find ctf_quarry (it should be there - if not, check it's in your baseEF folder) & configure game settings as desired
* Last, but not least, play & have fun! :o)

Thanks Go To...

First & foremost I think I should make a special thank you to LegsWideOpen, for his support & (I know he won't mind me saying this as it's a case of pot & kettle) his insanity!! hehe ;o) The endless creativeness & sense of fun he consistantly manages to encapsulate in his maps always amazes & inspires me -- Chell's "Got One" Bar in ctf_bajor springs to mind! Thanks for the inspiration & keep mapping for god's sake - we need that crucial element of fun to remain in the community!! Plus we WILL be doing a joint map unless the process of trying kills me first!! ;oP

To all the various authors of tutorials, & individual players that have answered my (at times I'm sure, stupid) queries - a big thanks - including, but in no way a complete list, Charlie's Angel, Stukatto, KevinUK, Legs...

To all the many players, past and present, that have made my time on the servers a much more enjoyable way to spend my (not so) spare time & kept a sense of fun on the servers, motivating me to dabble in mapping to improve things further for one and all (I hope!!) - again, including, but not limited to & in no particular order - Wolfwoman, Wolf, Kevok, LaptopLesbian, ShadowMan (Long live [TeamNeelix]!), BorgMaster, Luna, Lameway (Nyea Nyua!), StiffOldMan, TemporalIncursion, Capt. Alexandria Munro...

To the guys at www.eliteforcefiles.com for creating & maintaining such an excellent site & community for easy distribution of resources & mods for Elite Force - keep up the good work! Oh and thanks for creating such a cool patch to prolong the life of EF!

To the contest judges & USS Speed for suggestions on how to improve my map before its release.

To Legs, Lameway, Wolf & Wolfwoman for beta-testing this map for me.

To Raven & Activision for creating such a damn good game!!!


All materials are the copyright of their respective owners, no infringement was intended in the creation of this map - it's all in the name of fun after all!


As far as I am aware there are no viruses attached to this map, however, I strongly recommend verifying this with a virus checking program before loading it in the game. I will not be held reponsible for any damage this set of files inflicts on your system - use this map at your own risk!

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