CTF Red Sun 2

This is the second map Red Sun and this one, like the first one, rocks. :) There is new textures, shader, and this map is built in a Q3 sty...


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This is the second map Red Sun and this one, like the first one, rocks. :) There is new textures, shader, and this map is built in a Q3 style with jump pab. This is a "Must get".

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Download 'ctf_redsun2.zip' (2.27MB)


Extract the ZIP file and put the PK3 file into the BaseEF folder inside your
Star Trek Voyager Elite Force folder. If you followed a default install the full path
will be:

C:\Program Files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force\BaseEf


Title                   : CTF_RedSun2
BSP Name                : ctf_redsun2
Author                  : Absynthe
Release Date            : October 2001
Email Address           : absynthe@voyager.net
Home Page               : www.voyager.net/~absynthe
Game                    : Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force v1.2
File size               : 2.3 meg
Description             : A sequel of sorts to my first CTF map. Also, an attempte
			  to make an Elite Force version of Vortex Portals as seen in
			  Quake3: Team Arena.

Beta testers		: Me
Additional Thanks to    : Claudec's Lair of 3D for the definitive Quake3 tutorial list.
			Raven Software for making Elite Force so great.
			Id Software for making Quake3 the ultimate DM engine.
			Mike Bushey for make the Sun an angry red.
			NASA's atronomy pics (www.nasa.gov) from which the original
			"redsun" (our sun in fact) came from.
Previous work           : CTF-Redsun, CTF_RoofHopper

-- The Story --

Each orbiting platform was designed to mine the sun for engery. The main collector, Helios Prime, was contested. Each group of scientists accessed it using technology based on transwarp conduits. Use of Helios Prime could make or break the Red and Blue team's research projects. Comittees were held. Options debated. .... until some smartass brought a phaser to one of the meetings and all hell broke loose.

* MAP Information *

New Textures            : Quite a few, mostly red or blue versions of existing textures
			  plus my pathetic attempts at making textures from scratch. In
			  this case the jumping pad textures.

* Construction *

Base                    : None
Construction Time       : A month or two I guess. I got sick then I got Red Faction.
			  Then I got sick of Red Faction and finished this map.
Build programs          : Standard GDK tools v1.2
BSP Time 	        :  31 seconds
VIS Time		:  166 seconds (fastvis)
LIGHT Time		:  430 (light extra)
Compile machine         : Pentium III 700
Editor used             : QERadiant
Other programs          : UltraEdit (text editor), PaintShop Pro (textures)
Known Bugs              : none, though I despise my jumpad textures. I'm not a texture
			  artist so they were the best I could do.

* Copyright / Permissions *

You may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels without the
explicit permission of the author. You may use the custom textures for any 
non-commercial project, but please let me know. You may distribute this pk3 freely
in any electronic format but you must NOT charge for doing so.

PS - The two platforms that lead to the connecting transwarp tunnels hide items. When you use the jumper pad from the pipe to reach the platform pull back slightly. You'll miss the platform and land atop a pipe connector in front of the jumper pad. Hop up and walk behind the energy shaft. You'll find either a cloaking device or a regenerator.

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