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Remus is a pretty large map with it's main theme being of a Romulan Dilithium Mine. The map encompasses a surface area, a large mining sh...


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File Description

Remus is a pretty large map with it's main theme being of a Romulan Dilithium Mine.

The map encompasses a surface area, a large mining shaft going underground, and several cave areas. The surface has a few building (three for each side, and one big one in the middle). The building at the corners have transporters, while the buildings in the centre have elevators descending down to the mines. The main mine shaft has transporters and an elevator to connect to various other locations in the map. The mines themselves are reached by cave-like entrances or by elevators.

Now the map is pretty big with LOTS of area to cover from one flag room to another. There appears to be only one way to the flag room (and that is by first going through each side's mine). Expect lots of resistance, there are many times you can encounter an enemy. The flags themselves are kept in one square room divided by a glass floor (i.e. you can see one flag room into the other, but cannot shoot into it). This is a kinda cool feature because you can always see what's going on in the other's flag room. Even though the map seems so big and looks like it can take ages from one flag room to the other, it is actually possible to go from one flag to the other and back again in a couple of seconds! I won't tell you how, but yes it is without cheating :p (my best so far is 21 seconds).

Overall, I thought the map was pretty interesting. There is lots to do and many ways to get around, though it'd be nice if you had some people playing with you... or you'll feel a bit lonely!

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Models: No

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Title:             Remus
Filename:          ctf_Remus
Author:            <STOP>Wolvereen
E-Mail:            trooper_wolvie@hotmail.com
Website:           stop.planetef.com

** Map Description **
I created this map to try to somewhat recreate the Romulan Dilithiam Mine on Remus, well at least I tried :) There are several locations that are not able to be seen from the surface as well as hidden flag rooms. Acsented with elev. lifts and plenty of transports to get you to where you want to go. It is a little adventurous, Hope you find it enjoyable to play on.

** Other Info **
New Textures: Yes
New Sounds:   Yes
Bot Support:  Yes - see bugs
Build Time:   About a week
Editor Used:  Gtk Radiant Ver. 1.2.13
Known bugs:   Bots for some reason don't take off when map starts, but will engage in fire when you come in sight, sorry, I will check into this bug and try to fix.

** copyrights and Permissions **
You may distribute this file as a whole along with this readme file. If you want to use any of the textures or rom symbols, you may, however, I do ask that you include me in the credits. I do ask that if you are wanting to make a sequil to Remus, that you email me first, for I am planning a remake of it myself.

<<< To Install >>>
Just use winzip to open and click on the .pk3 file and extract it to base EF of where your Star Trek Elite Force folder is and thats it.
** Thanks **
Thanks to Raven for EF and to Radiant for the mapping tools and to Paramount for Star Trek Nemesis, which gave me the idea for this map.
************************************ENJOY ALL*************************************

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