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In this map alot of the textures have changed also their have been a few things added and removed. I like this map, but there is one thing w...


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In this map alot of the textures have changed also their have been a few things added and removed. I like this map, but there is one thing wrong with it FPS LAG because of all the glass the map lags alot even if u play solo so its not recommended to play it online but its cool to check out. Its worth the download.

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Download 'ctf_reservoirx.zip' (2.19MB)


BY:  sR^Doc Holliday               - docshady@msn.com                         - www.srclan.us
     {SFEF}Gen. Wolverine          - wolvereensrangers_clan@hotmail.com       - www.sfefclan.com

ReservoirX is a remake of one of best Raven created maps.  Reservoir has been one of my favorite maps since I started playing EF in mid-2001.  A tough map to score on, the attacking team has to be quick and deadly to even get the flag out of the base.  Playing the map as much as I did, I began thinking of ways to improve it, hence ctf_reservoirX.  Almost everything cosmetic in the map, I completed myself, which is a feat for me as this is my first map.  Gez helped me along the way, he added the tunnels and the transporters as I was having trouble adding those.  It was put on the back burner for a long time until Wolverine took the project over.  He fine tuned it, fixed a number of my mistakes and made some nice improvements to it.

===========About the map=============

Production time:  about 20 days all together (though it was started in Dec. of 2002 and placed on the back burner for a long time)

Changes:        1) Flag rooms are now glass to discourage camping in the flag room
                2) Middle section has been removed totally
                3) The textures are totally different

Improvements:   1) two underwater tunnels have been added and are accessed by transporters
                2) A catwalk has been added to the top half of the map
                3) The island at the bottom has 4 spring boards on it to launch you outside the entrance of each base
                4) transporters are located on each side (Center left and right of map to transport you quickly from one side to the other                    side)
                5) there is a secret room hidden somewhere on the map
		6) The map includes bot support

- This map included the readme and the .pk3 file.  GTKRadiant was used to create this map and BSPC & PakScape were used to add the bot support


Just copy the map into "C:\Program Files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force\BaseEF" or if your game is installed in a different location, just copy the .pk3 fime into the baseEF folder of the elite force game folder


Thanks to Wolverine for helping me finish this map, [SFI]Gez for giving me a starting point for the map and [EVIL]Galen for giving me pointers on the map.

Thanks to my Beta Testers:

{M&M} Crippler-eh

Thanks to [EVIL]Ballistic for creating the Level Shot


As is stated in every map readme file, this map is provided as is and Neither Doc Holliday, Nor Wolverine are responsible for any damage it might cause to your game/system.  You may distribute it freely to your friends, clan mates and so on, but please distribute it in zip fourm just as you downloaded it (with the readme.txt included).  This map was scanned and tested to be virus free at the time it was submitted to www.effiles.com

Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force (C) 1999 Activision. All rights reserved. 

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