CTF Roman Glory

In somewhat the same theme and style as his previous map, Maximus brings us his second map! The centre of this map resembles a huge eye,...


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In somewhat the same theme and style as his previous map, Maximus brings us his second map!

The centre of this map resembles a huge eye, intentional or not I don't know, but it looks cool :p The 'iris' is a huge fire with the Quad pickup hovering above it. The bases themselves have three levels. On the first one you'll find the photon as well as the Meta (gold) shield. The second level is more of a defence level, where people can snipe from (hence you'll find compression ammo and all here). The third level is where you'll find the flag. Two ramps on the sides connect up to this level and offer the only routes to the flag (not counting Photon jumping). Weapons and pickups are spaced rather well and each has three ammo pickups with it. You'll find many small health pickups between bases which should be helpful when trying to get the flag back to your base.

Maximus has been able to use the texture set very nicely to make the architecture stand out and to give the map a more complete look. Though when I see the word "Roman" I immediately think of marble and stone architecture, so in that respect I don't know how the 'Roman' part factors in.. but that's just me nitpicking ;)

In terms of Tech, there were a number of brush faces that weren't caulked/nodrawed. The hidden faces of the water don't have nodraw on them, either. So don't be suprised if you do find your FPS dropping because this map is huge and completely open.

Roman Glory has some pretty interesting points and it's also well done! Might be worth checking out :)

Bot Support: No New Textures: No New Sounds: No New Models: No

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AUTHOR                  : [MAXIMUS] 
E-MAIL                  : -A.J-web.de

I made this map for Specialties and Disintegration games. 

== INSTALLation ==
Extract the Ctf_Roman_Glory.pk3 to your BaseEf folder that lies in your Elite Force 

AND to EFfiles for hosting my maps!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New Textures: No
New Sounds:   No
Bot Support:  N0
Build Time: ~5 days... 
Editors Used: GTK Radiant version 1.3.13
Compiled with: Q3MAP2 and Advanced Lighting Options
Compile time: About 45 minutes
Known bugs: None


This file shall be distributed in its original form (being in the original zip
file, including the readme, with the unmodified Ctf_Monument.pk3 file).

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