CTF Saloon

This is -=Vin='s first map, and like other TBA's before him, it's just excellent. This map reminds you of Ctf_Oldwest, but all they ha...


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This is [TBA]-=Vin='s first map, and like other TBA's before him, it's just excellent. This map reminds you of Ctf_Oldwest, but all they have in common is the textures. There's buildings like OldWest, but these are of a different design, and there is a sewer under everything.

This is a very good map, one of the best maps I've played when it comes to good gameplay. Hopefully we'll see some more star quality maps from [TBA] in the future. In the meantime, DOWNLOAD NOW! =)

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Download 'ctf_saloon.zip' (5.55MB)


					by [TBA] -=ViN=-

Hi, welcome to my first map, Ctf_Saloon. I've been making it for a long time, the maps progress was slow because of various delays while i was making it. It is my first map, don't 
judge it too hardly. I'm sure I'll get better with practise. I hope to release more 
maps but it'll take another good while before you see one.

Unzip ctf_saloon.pk3 to your \Baseef directory.

-=Bot support=-
This map does support Bots, however because of ladders etc, they aren't very bright.

The map was inspired by my all time favourite Assimilation map ctf_oldwest. Assimilation 
never got boring on oldwest and I just loved it for that reason. So I tried to make a 
similar map that keeps the oldwest design to the map but also made it as different as 
possible. I also wanted it to be a good ctf map, dis and TDM also.

-Map File name: Ctf_Saloon
-It took about 6 months to make after scrapping the first version.
-Compile time time was 0 hours, 25 minutes and 49 seconds on fullvis
-Compile machine: P3 866, 128mb RAM

-=Known Bugs=-
When it loads a number of No shader errors will appear in yellow, these can be completely ignored as it will not effect the map, they are errors that i could not get rid of and you can still play it with them.

:I think the bulk of my "thank you's" would have to go to Wade from the Sgmod. He helped me 
with most of my errors and kept me motivated.
:Thanks also to my brother [TBA] Kevok who assisted me in the release and testing of my map.
:Mr. T of [TBA] who helped me in locating and dealing with some bugs and lots of help when 
testing it.
:Next, !AAH!Fox, he answered many questions I had and taught me much about mapping.
:Stukatto and KevinUK for their great tutorials and willingness to answer questions I had.

Thanks to the Testers who were:[TBA] Raktael, [TBA] Mr T, ||TF||Bond, [TBA] Triacus,

I will not take any responsibility what so ever for any damage this file may cause to your 
computer. As always all files should be virus scanned after download before opening. 
Do not host this map without this readme.

E-mail bugs, suggestions to: vinhall20@hotmail.com

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