CTF Speedboats



We bring you a new holomatch map from Xtremegamer today. CTF Speedboats is one of those lava filled maps that everyone loves. :p

In the middle of some sort of canyon are two bases seperated by lava. Both have a watch tower, but aside from that just some powerups. There are two ways across to the enemy base: either climb up to the top of the walls and run over, or you can use two speedboat-style barges that you run onto and activate to speed across to the enemy base. They are very fast and can quickly take defenders by surprise. If you dare to dive into the lava under the bridge, a couple of metaphasic shields are waiting which will protect you from the lava and give you the opportunity to explore some hidden areas, which contain powerups.

The problem with this map is, you get very bored, very quickly. The repetative texture is enough to drive you mad after five minutes, and the mapping has little in the way of interest, except of course, for the two speedboats which is something a little different. I like. :) "Speedboats" is not a bad map, but its too plain and simple. I'd suggest to the mapper that he bring out a new version with a few more features and areas of interest. Oh, and move the flag posts to somewhere more interesting.

Download if you have a fondness for lava. :D

~ Luke20 (The Tenth Doctor)



Map           ctf_speedboats
developer      Xtremegamer
E-mail         [email protected]
Special thanks goes to: Evil Sean for some of his great ideas.

Game Types: team ctf

Max players recommended: 10

Bot support: no

Note: You wont be able to get into the adminroom in free for all gametype.


You will require the Star Trek Elite Force Expansion Pack in order to play on this map.


Extract ctf_speedboats.pk3 into your Star Trek Voyager Elite Force/Baseef directory.


This map has got speedboats which you can use to get into the enemy base 
There is a large area filled of lava between the blue and red base. 
There is an adminroom hidden somewhere in this map.
You"ll have to look for it yourself:)


You may not alter or use any part of this file without permission from me.
This zip and pk3 file may not be altered in any way shape or form, 
distributed with all files within it intact and unmodified


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