CTF Tetra

CTF Tetra is a small map that should deliver some extremely fast and furious multiplayer action. I say multiplayer because sadly there is n...


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File Description

CTF Tetra is a small map that should deliver some extremely fast and furious multiplayer action. I say multiplayer because sadly there is no bot support, but it will be added in a new version of the map as the readme states. At first look, the map looks much like a voy map, however Ruteger decided to be inventive and give the map his own unique architecture. :) The lighting is a bit to bright and dark in spots but is otherwise evened out where it counts the most. Weapon placement has been appropriately placed throughout the map. Over all, for a 2nd map Ruteger has delivered a high quality map that deserves some attention.

Bot Support: No New Textures: No New Sounds: No

Review by, –Alpharaptor

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Author: Ruteger (Ryan Leroux)
Email: fapfapfapfap (at) hotmail.com

Map Description

I was in the middle of making an RPG map, experimenting and whatnot and was tired of it taking so long for the final result, so I decided to make a quick CTF (turned out to be not so quick) so I would have a finished product.

Also, this is my 2nd map.

Other Info

New Textures: Yes
New Sounds: No
New md3s: No
Bot Support: Not in this version
Build Time: Week or so, off and on
Editor Used: Efradiant
Known Bugs: let me know if you find some, not thoroughly tested since this isn't a final

Copyrights and Permissions
You may distrubute this as long as the readme file is included with the pk3 file.  If for some reason you want to use my textures: Don't.  Open photoshop (or other graphics program), make a 256x256 image, colour it blue or red (or some other colour if you wish) and under the effects menu, find the "Noise" effect and adjust the values till you get a nice textured effect.  No point in using mine when you can quickly make your own and make them to your own satisfaction.  If you want to use the LCARS screen:  Why?  It has my map name right on it.

To Install

Copy the pk3 file to the BaseEF directory of your Elite Force game.

Either keep the zipfile or copy this readme file there as well if you think you'll need any of this information

To be released in version 1.0
-Any errors fixed which turn up

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