CTF Tricky Transport



Tricky Transport is set out in space. Some kinda narrowish walkways that form 3 levels. Each level has transporters which let you travel between the levels (and bases). The flags are located at the very bottom and at the very end of the walkway (better watch those snipers ;)). There are some interesting things to this map too, little sniping platforms that you can get too using the 'use' key from Specialities (meaning if you don't have the Expack you probably will not be able to use these platforms much). But you can live without these platforms as there's plenty of action to be found all around the map.



This readme is best viewed at 1024x768dpi ;)

                *******   *******************    *********************
              *******     *******************    *********************
            *******       *******************    *********************
          *******               *******          *******
        *******                 *******          *******
      *******                   *******          *******
    *******                     *******          *******
  *******                       *******          **************
  *******                       *******          **************
    *******                     *******          **************
      *******                   *******          *******
        *******                 *******          *******
          *******               *******          *******
            *******             *******          *******
              *******           *******          *******
                *******         *******          *******

			     Tricky Transport!

Created By [SFI]Gez 

E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.championcheats.tk

Thank you for downloading my map!
Its the first map i have ever made!
I hope you enjoy playing!

>Installation Instructions<

Just Unzip To Your BaseEF directory.
The Expansion Pack With Playermaps installed is needed for all the textures to work!


I would strongly recommend you don't but it is possible to use bots on my map,
as its most likely that they will sit around in the same spot not doing much!

>>>>> You must have a use object button set up on elite force to use all the features of my map! <<<<<

> Things About My Map <

File Type: Elite Force Map
File Name: Ctf_Tricky_Transport
Build Time: 7 Days


I would like to thank [SFI] Reginald for coming up with ideas, help and testing my map. Thanks m8!

As far as im aware my map hasn't got no virus or data corruption software! However if you do encounter strange 
enities crawing around your screen, I accept no responsibility for damage or eaten up hard drives! 
You should always check any and all files you download with virus checking software.

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