CTF_Tricobalt is a nice map that while small, is well built and has an equal distribution of weapons. The map consists of two levels; one lo...


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CTF_Tricobalt is a nice map that while small, is well built and has an equal distribution of weapons. The map consists of two levels; one lower and one upper. The lower level contains the flag rooms for both teams and a few item placements, however the flag rooms can only be accessed via the upper level and a series of lifts. The upper level itself hosts access points from a number of lifts that travel up and down between the two areas, surprisingly this feature adds an interesting element to game play.

While I felt the time spent traveling on the lifts was a bit much, this map has a lot of potential for it's size and is rather enjoyable.

See the readme for further information and installation instructions.


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Download 'ctf_tricobalt.zip' (792KB)

CTF_TTICOBALT -- By Solaris (aka {SFEF}DuBois)

NOTE: It's been many months since I last messed with this map as I had had trouble adding bot support, and have just recently decided to submit it w/o bot support. Enjoy! 

Installation Instructions:
	Just unzip the pk3 file to your Star Trek Voyager Elite Force/BaseEF folder and it should apear on the menu.  Note:  If you have lots of maps in your BaseEF folder, then it might not show up. Clear up old maps that you don't play anymore or hit ~ to bring down the console in-game and type /map corridor.

	Hello, and thanks for downloading my map.  This is my third map. My name has since changed from {SFEF}DuBois to Solaris. As soon as username change has been allowed, I will change my username to Solaris. This map has a two bases each consisting four rooms, one upper, two middle, and one lower.  The lower and upper are connected by one lift. The middle and upper are connected by two lifts. The lifts can either mean life or death depending on the direction. For CTF the best way to keep the other team from getting away too quickly is to have your team in many places throughout the map. Items are equally distributed throughout the map. 

Technical Info:

Programs Used:        GTKRadiant v1.4.1, bspc-gui v0.05  
Build Time:           Would have taken 4 days had I not run into so                        many complications, but because of that,it 		      	      took almost two weeks, on and off. Also, first 		      map where I ran into NO LEAKS!
Compile Time:         A few minutes
Brushes:              803
Entities:             247
Textures:             7
Shaders:              8
Start Points:         14
Bot Support:          No, ran into complications in adding bot 		                      support, maybe I can resolve it sometime in                          the near future.
New Textures:         1
New Sounds:           No
Music:                No
CTF:                  Yes
Secrets:              Yes

Contact Info:

Name:                     Kenneth Anderson
Age:                      15 (at time of submission: 16)
E-mail:                   [email protected]
EF Tag:                   Solaris
EFFiles Username:         SFEF_DuBois (for now)

Legal Info:
	This map may be redistributed in any way as long as the contents of the zip file (readme, map itself) are not changed in any way.  If you would like to use files or parts of the map for your map, please ask me first and give credit to me.


	Map design is Copyright 2006/2007 by Kenneth Anderson (Solaris). "Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force" is Copyright Paramount Pictures, Raven Design, and Activision.

"Star Trek: Voyager" is based upon "Star Trek" by Gene Roddenberry (Thanks Gene)

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