A map from Unreal Tournament, right? Heck no! Better! This map is by !AAH! Fox, and is just awesome. Where to start...eh, yeah...The map i...


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A map from Unreal Tournament, right? Heck no! Better! This map is by !AAH! Fox, and is just awesome. Where to start...eh, yeah...The map is basically a giant castle with a piece of land across the draw bridge, with a big Armored Personal Transport mounted with sentry guns, and some catapults that throw you back to the top of the castle. 4 elevator shafts on the corners of the structure. I don't recommend using them unless your sure you know what's going on. But I would recommend jumping off the sides of the castle, you get a good suprise, and attract the attention of the other players with you great omnipotent judgment and skill. There are some common textures, and objects, but the way they're used is what makes this map cool. It may not look that pretty to you, but to me, its a beauty. Bobbytraps here, sentry guns there, explosive object over there. Quite a nice little home you got here. Don't expect anyone to come knocking at the door. What makes this map a good map is not the hight quality textures for all of you grafix leaches, but the "fun," of blasting your friends and watching them get "crushed" to death. A great map by !AAH! Fox. Good job Fox, keep up the good work!

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Download 'ctf_unreal_castle.pk3' (3.81MB)

**  Unreal Castle  **


First off thanks to everyone who playd the beta verison of this map and sent feedback in 
about it.

A lot of your comments were taken into consideration and where possible implemented.

Im only sorry I didnt get a chance to note down everyones name who sent feedback.

Big thanks to JamesNukem, Jay, Wolf and various other !AAH! clan members who helped to test 
the map out and gave some brill ideas. ( Exploding barrels,, mwa hahahahaha )

Trouble shooting

If you dont read the whole read-me then dont come crying to me when you cant figure out
how to open the main gate.

Some turrets only work in CTF and Team matches so dont complain about them not working
in FFA.

Some turrets and doors have to be activated, there are two types of switch for this:

(a) Touch activated - you have to run into them
(b) Fire activated - may seem obvious but shoot them lol

(p.s. the switch for the outside turrets is in the tank )

Oh yea and watch out for the elevators you can end up traped under them if you dont crouch
at certain times when at the bottom of elevator shaft.

Bot Support

Well to say that playing this map with bot support is a bad idea is putting it lightly.

The elevators and overall layout of the map make for a boring match with bots. 

So I said why the hell go to the bother of adding them, as they add at least 1 mb to the 

General gaming info

This map was basically inspired by Unreal.  The idea of the game is for one team to take 
the castle while the other team trys to defend.

The taking of the castle will be acomplished once the main gate is opend.

There are various switches inside the castle that must be activated in order for this to

First you have to get to the switch in the store room in order to open the gate house.

You can then storm the gatehouse and atempt to open the main gates.

The blue team will start outside the castle and be the attackers.  While the red team will 
start inside the castle and be the defenders.

Special features

Explosive catapaults
Explosive Generator
Explosive barrels - ( mwa hahahah whatch out James ^_^ )
Sound Effects
Crushing machine
Secret rooms - (lots and lots of these )
Remote viewing cameras

Ive added various features to this map with the help of some of the tutorials on the net 
and some other helpfull mapers.

Ill not explain where they all are as that would just spoil the fun.

Anyone who has played my previous maps will know how I like adding the odd secret so 
keep an eye peeled for those hard to find areas,, the pickups in them are worth it ^_^

Time taken

This map has taken at least 2 months to construct on and off.

At the mo its only available in fast vis mode, I think I may die if I try doing a full vis 

Authors comment

There are a few things that could probably still be done here and there, but overall the
map is finaly finished.

To be quite honest I could hardly bare to do anything more on it lol.

Installing & playing the map

To use this map simply copy and paste the 'Ctf_Unreal_Castle.PK3' file in to your Baseef
folder, which can be found in your Startreck Voyager elite force folder.

The easiest way to find the baseef folder if you havent any idea where it is,
is to use the find command:

(1) Click start.
(2) Click find. (or search if you are using windows ME) 
(3) Click on files or folders.
(4) Type in "baseef" in the named box.
(5) Make sure "C:" is selected in the search in box.  
(5) Hit find now and there u go

Then start up the 'holomatch game' and select 'single player' and 'create match'.

Select the game style u wish to play (i.e. CTF, FFA, team match and scroll through the
avaiable maps until the 'Ctf_Unreal_Castle.PK3' map appears.

And there you go.

p.s. Remember that you will need the Star Treck CD to actually play the map, 
it will remind you when you try to play it without the CD anyway. 

Aditional Info

This is probably one of the most curvy and complicated maps ive ever created for elite

And was almost scraped at one point due to a large black hole of dispare the editor created 
at a particular point in the map.

Thankfully I was able to cover this up and you now have the almost finished creation.

Additional maps

You can also find more maps for download at:


Some of my other maps can be found on these sites for download.

Mapping tutorials

The following sites offer info on mapping and also give maping tutorials:


Sound Effects

All sound effects for the map were taken from the following freeware site, and as such are 
the property of the various artists whose sound effects were used.

Sorry I didnt have time to take everyones name.


I take no responsibility what so ever for any damage to or loss of information that the
use of this software might cause on your pc.

Be it hardware, software or any other sort of damage possible within or without the known
universe :-)

As allways I recommend that you virus check any download that you recieve.


Please send all feed back to: [email protected]


This map is the copyright of Fox (c) 2001

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