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A beauty of a ctf map from Johan. The map is shaped like some sort of space station, but guess what... it doesn't use voymap textures. So fo...


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A beauty of a ctf map from Johan. The map is shaped like some sort of space station, but guess what... it doesn't use voymap textures. So for all those who complain about them, this should make you happy. On both sides of the map, the team's bases are floating in mid air, and one must use a jumpad, or a transporter to make his or her way up there. I really enjoyed the map. Everything about the map was great. The size was good, the lighting was good, and the map's fun factor rocked. I really have no complaints about the map. The fact that its not voy textured (i like have no problems with voy textures), and the overall coolness of the map make it a neccesarry download. The transporters were new and original, and i really enjoyed the look of those. The biggest reason i loved this map is becuse it reminds me of Quake 3 CTF maps. The only nitpicks (they are extrememly nitty, and picky) is the skybox. A nice custom skybox would have been cool, but meh, the one he has in this map works for me. So overall, I definatly reccommend the download.

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Download 'ctfupsilon2.zip' (2.76MB)

				Upsilon Complex II

Map Name: Upsilon Complex II
Short Name: ctf_upsilon2
Author: Johan
MSN/E-Mail: pjm8472@hotmail.com
Release Date: May 18, 2004
Map Site: www.deepspacedesign.net
Clan: SFEF @ sfefclan.de, sfefclan.com

This is a revolutionary sequel to Upsilon Complex 1 :> . The basic design of the map is kept the same, with some changes. The middle area where to go past to the other side has now been widened. The flag areas have been made wider as well, and have changed a bit with the placement of the transporters which transport the player to the flag area. There are now some "tubes" that connect the bases, mainly put there as eye candy. A lot of eye candy has been added -- from the dreadnought and forge texture set, and some beautiful beam shaders I made were put there as well. The "voy form" which was present in Upsilon 1 has been taken out. Upsilon II was brushed and meshed completely from scratch. In addition, framerates on this version are significantly higher. Overall this map should be more interesting than Upsilon 1, and I hope you enjoy playing the map as much as I enjoyed creating it.

put the ctf_upsilon2.pk3 file in your baseEF folder, by default located in:
C:\Program Files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force\BaseEF\

===Tips & Tricks===
Specialties & All Weapons CTF: if you have a detpack and you get the flag, arm the detpack near the flag holder and jump on the jump pad. Using the right timing, you can blow yourself almost halfway across the map (or more...if you practice and have enough health :P ).

All Weapons CTF:  In all weapons CTF, if you photon-jump on the jump pad and then det-blow yourself-- you can get to the other side even faster.

All Mods: Photon-jump on the jump pad to jump higher.

A big thanks to the server admins who put up new maps, it has made me very happy to see maps by me played on your server. When I first released Upsilon a year ago, it got next to no attention...until recently. Two or three months or so ago, some really nice folks at Green Destiny's Specialties, EVIL clan, DG clan, (I know there are some others, I don't remember right now....) put Upsilon 1 on their rotation too.... so basically seeing that map in action on those servers for months now in different mods gave me the enthusiasm to make Upsilon II. I hope everyone will have even more fun on this new version.

===Thanks to===
let's see... my beta testers...Chibakka, Giz, RedTechie, and Sniper :)
...and... thanx to the server admins that run maps by me on your server...
...and the admins of sites that host this file

===Mics. Map Data:===
Bot Support: yes
New Textures: yes
New Shaders: yes
Editor used: GTK Radiant 1.2.13
Image Editor: GIMP
Shader Editor: q3ase
visdata: 110K
compile time: about 25 minutes on an 800MHz P3
Known Bugs: none
and.....FPS rates are very good

Authors may not use this level as a base to build additional levels. This file shall be distributed freely without charge in its original form (being in the original zip file, including the readme, with the unmodified and original ctf_upsilon2.pk3 file included). In other words... don't be pullin ne cheap shite wid me...

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