CTF Volcano Base DX

This map has a pretty simple layout; each base has two levels, the flag is on the lower level; there are two sniping platforms on either sid...


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This map has a pretty simple layout; each base has two levels, the flag is on the lower level; there are two sniping platforms on either side; there are two walkways leading to the centre from each base; sniping areas on the top level; and various pickups and weapons lying around.

The map is a bit to the small side, and even though the layout is simple, what really stood out to me was the very nice detail put inside the bases. Along the walls are pipes and other fixtures that really take the map up one more level. The map overall reflects a Geothermal atmosphere, bad thing or good thing is up to you ;) but the little details are what made me like this map.

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: No New Sounds: No Game Types: CTF, HM, THM

Note: This was left out of the readme, but please read it over incase this error happens with you:

One of my testers received a Z_Malloc error, which would result in the map not loading. If you get that error just crank up your com_hunkmegs and the problem should go away.

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Download 'ctf_cbr4dx.zip' (1.21MB)

          I just will not stop, will I?
This is my 17th map, 14th for EF.  Want
a full list of my maps?  No?  Tough:
here it is:
Mini Base - ctf_cbr1
Mini Cube - ctf_cbr2
Pathways - ctf_cbr3
Volcano Base - ctf_cbr4
Mining Facility - ctf_cbr5
Defense System - ctf_cbr6
Merger - ctf_cbr7
Mars Base - ctf_cbr8
Mini Base DX - ctf_cbr1dx
Volcano Base DX - ctf_cbr4dx
Takeout - ctf_cbrmcr1
Sacred Ground - terrain_cbr1
EFL Voy 2 - efl_voy2
Dust - de_dust (CStrike Mode Mod)
Imperial Mine - duel_wls6 (JKII)
Hoth Base Project - duel_wls7 (JKII -
  Yes I know that Hoth is covered in
  snow, it's a long story.)
Yavin Swamp - duel_cbr1 (JKII)
I made this map because ctf_cbr4 was
one of my favorites, but I just
couldn't do it justice at the time, so
here is the better version.  The bots
don't work too well, but oh, well.
          Drop ctf_cbr4dx.pk3 into your
BaseEF directory, load up EF and enjoy
- Build time: 2 weeks
- Compile time: About 3 hours.
- Bags of Brownie Bites consumed during
production: 3
- Number of Twizzlers consumed during
production: 0, still don't like them
- GPA drop during production: Actually,
up to 3.7 from 3.6 after ctf_cbr8
- Special thanks: oE, for not kicking
me out for never participating in a
scrimm or league.  My friends, for
always being there (sound cheesy?
Tough, it's true.)

I would like to apologize to The Dark
Project, they know why.

---===Legal Junk===---
I will not be held responsible for any 
damage or loss of data as a result of 
the installation or use of the files 
located in this zip file. This map MAY 
NOT be decompiled and used as a base 
map for any other creation without the 
written consent of the original author 
(Donald E. Hays,) nor shall any part of 
this zip be used for commercial gain. 
If you wish to distribute this map it 
must contain ALL the original files 
that were present during the initial 
download, and must not be altered in 
any way, shape or form. It may be 
distributed in any form other than 
normal snail mail.

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