This is a second map from GreenKiller, similar to the stock holomatch map Delta Station, this is not a large or complicated map making it ve...


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This is a second map from GreenKiller, similar to the stock holomatch map Delta Station, this is not a large or complicated map making it very easy to spot and pick off enemies from a distance (photon launcher). Also the clear view of all platforms means you can easily spot your flag when taken. There are three transporter pads on the main platform to the front of each flag base, each transporter leading to either the upper level of the base or one of the middle ground platforms, though to get off those pads you need to use the boosters/jump launchpads.

I like the booster/Jump launchpads, which boost you from platform to platform making movement hectic and its fun catching an enemy in mid flight while boosting. As for the weapons, you can only reach the regen with a booster/jump pad and on top of each base is the Dreadnought Weapon. The map is designed for fast paced smash and grab, so you need to be a quick mover. Suggest playing with 10 people to maximize the chaoticness of the gameplay.

Overall a pretty decent map.

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Download 'mapctfvoyastro.zip' (2.26MB)

 __                                 ________________________  __

(  | USS VOYAGER HOLODECK MAP FILE |________________________||__)

 ) |              __

(__| CTFVoyAstro |__)


 Title                   : CTFVoyAstro

 Filename                : ctf_voy_astro.pk3

 Author                  : Killer ( A. Billing )

 Email Adress            : andreasbilling123@yahoo.de

 Description             : Voy Theme Space Map



1 ) Unpack the .zip-File at any place.

2 ) Put the .pk3 into your eliteforce/baseef/ directory

3 ) Start Elite Force

4 ) To play this map go to console ^, type /sv_pure 0 and /map ctf_voy_astro or

/devmap ctf_voy_astro OR create a own game


This is my second map, a space map in Voy-style. It consists the Voy-Bases, Jumppads and more, play it!

Its mainly for CTF, but it is without bot support. When someone can create the *.aas-file, please contact me. 

This map bases on the file ctf_voy1.map.

*Additional Information*

For all people who havent got the pro-maps I put the sfx2-textures and the script in the pk3. When you have the Pro-Maps, you can delete


* Play Information *

 Settings                : Deathmatch , Team Deathmatch , Capture the Flag

 Players                 : 8 to 10

 Bot Support             : Bots arent supported yet

 Secret                  : ---

* Construction *

 Build Time      : 1 week

 Compile Time    : 10 minutes for FullVis at a AMD Athlon XP 2200+, 512 MB RAM

 Editor(s) used  : GTKRadiant for map

 Known Bugs      : ---

* Thanks to *

Amethyst7 for the great Skybox

* Distribution *

Feel free to distribute this file in any form, but not on CD media, as long as proper credit

is given and this text file has not been edited in any way. For feedback or comments email me 

at: andreasbilling123@yahoo.de

Excuse my bad english, cause Im a german Mapper...

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