CTF Voy1337



A rework of CTF Voy2, Voy1337 completely changes the gameplay around of the original map. The map now has two levels to it: a lower chamber where the flag lies and an altered version of Voy2 on the top. The flag room has glass walkways going around it to help you get over the pool of lava. The main level is almost the same as Voy2 except the 3 pillars on each side have been removed and replaced with a 'window' that looks into the flag room (you can't go through the window though). Other additions are the trenches being filled with lava, two transporters on either side of the wall, an entrance at each end of the wall and a jumppad which takes you to the top of the middle bunkers. Another change was the raising of the middle wall so you can no longer crouch through it. The jumppad looks a little out of place as it doesn't follow the "Voy Theme" present all around it. On a side note, the file does not have the shader required to animate the textures on the jumppad (despite the animation textures being included). The transporters have been switched around, so it would be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the transporters and see where they land up. The two added transporters (two on each side, so four in all) all take you to the same place: a very large room with the Delta Flyer sitting in the middle. The room doesn't seem to be of much use other than some health pickups. A transporter in the room will take you back up to the middle bunker in the Blue base.

All these changes seem to slow down the very fast paced gameplay that takes place in CTF Voy2. There is more to it than just jumping around (not that there is anything wrong with Voy2 presently ;) ). Getting familiar with the new changes will definitely help because it will take a bit to get anywhere in a game unless you know what you're doing and where you're going.

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No



**********!!!!!!!!! CTF Voy1337 !!!!!!!!!**********

Created By Peace 

E-mail: [email protected]

Welcome To CTF Voy1337!
This is my second map and it worked out very well and i hope you all will like it

>Installation Instructions<

Just Unzip To Your BaseEF directory.


I would strongly recommend you don't but it is possible to use bots on my map,
though it has bot support but i don't think they will do much

> Things About My Map <

File Type: Elite Force Map
File Name: Ctf_Voy1337	
Build Time: 1 Week

a few statistics:

Total brushes: 1757
Total entities: 299
Net brush count: 1159

> Special Thanks to: <

True Captain, for the beta testing and ALL of his tips and ideas to make this map a cool one
GeZ, for his help and tips
Worf, also for his help and tips

As far as im aware my map hasn't got any virus' or data corruption software! However if you do encounter strange 
enities crawing around your screen, I accept no responsibility for damage or eaten up hard drives! 
You should always check any and all files you download with virus checking software.

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