CTF Voy2Flood

It's a flooded version of Raven's "Beta Station" map. If you like water-based maps then this is for you.


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File Description

It's a flooded version of Raven's "Beta Station" map. If you like water-based maps then this is for you.

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Welcome to the ctf_voy2flood readme 
plz fasten your safety belts and enjoy the ride...


First things first:
It has been 3years scince voyager returned to the alpha quadrent a war between a
unknown speics at the edges of romulan space has erupted and The romulans being as
pig-headed as
they are though they could manage on theier own, they soon learned 2weeks after the
first battle they requested for the federaions help.

the battle has raged and the federation soon learned of this species dastardly
back-handed tactics, there has been much sabotage agaist the federaion along the
long list is enviromental controls all federation controled plants enviromental
controls has been disrupted and plants have been flooded, ravaged by winds, torn
apart from cosmic radation

The fight will continue...


The idea from this map was from:
=B5=Ezkiel (a man of many names)
Support from the rest of =B5=  & The mapping division:
raven for the orignal maps and the game
And to the creator of the Waterfall prefab:
By Captian Max Ames
Shader By Agent007


i created this map for fun and a few people that have been wanting water based maps
i have tryed to make it as playable as i can without making it too easy and i hope i
got the right combination If not please tell me so i will know for future reference

and i also apologise that this readme isnt as nice as my others but i havent got the 
time anymore to do them (see ctf_b5, the FlagFREAK mod & more)


Auther...or rather the person who altered ctf_voy2 ;)


Contact details:

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