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This version is an update to CTF Wall where things like weapons, FPS and bugs...


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This version is an update to CTF Wall where things like weapons, FPS and bugs are fixed. The map is a diamond shape with the flag rooms detached from either ends. Teleports take you in and out of the flag rooms. There is a small bunker of sorts infront of the flag rooms which is great for pushing the enemy away. A large wall divides the map in the middle which is either scalable via jumppads, or you can go straight through it (like in VOY2).

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Models: No

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Download 'ctf_wall2_0.zip' (507KB)

/* The Wall */

Designer: Nathan McDaniel  a.k.a. [AFO] Nate the bad ass

First Apperance:  AFO server on 7-22-2003

Date Produced: 7-21-2003

Reason Produced:  Insomnia

Created With: GTKRadiant 1.2.13-update

Textures:  Made with windows paint


Version 1.0

Custom textures:  Yes, a few AFO textures

Custom Sounds:	No

Game Modes:  Team Free for All, CTF

Mods Tested:	Regular weapons, Disintegration.

Instalation:	DUH!


New in version 1.1

Date Updated: 7-24-2003

Finally added the AFO textures

Gave the map a less circus like feel : )

Added bot support (still having some problems)

Added items

Fixed teleport directions (you'll face the right direction now)

Applied caulking texture


Version 2

Date updated: 9-14-2003

Re-lighted the entire map

Fixed all known glitches, no more going under the map. PERIOD!

Added more weapons

Streamlined map (should have a higher framerate)

New look for the map

Now Supports Free For All mode

Jump pads easier to jump on


Contact csunated@hotmail.com with bugs and other issues 
	and ideas for updates.


Everything is copyrighted!  DUH!

go to www.afoclan.com!

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