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Well, this CTF map is a bit disappointing. When it said it is a good sniper map it appears it isn't. It's not very open, it's a very clos...


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Well, this CTF map is a bit disappointing. When it said it is a good sniper map it appears it isn't. It's not very open, it's a very closed map, lots of texture overlapping. Also the jumppads need to be reworked. It's a bit to small for a good Sniper map.

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Download 'watersniper2.zip' (3.12MB)


 ********WaterSniper 2!********

Made by Tuvak 2! 

Email: levnagdimunov0@hotmail.com

Thank you all for downloading my map.It's the second one i have made. I hope you all enjoy it...If not 
please give me your comments or email me. Thx. 

>>>Instalation Instructions<<<

Just extract the file to your BaseEF. Then start your HM and make a FREE FOR ALL, TEAM HOLOMATCH, or
CAPTURE THE FLAG, or 1 vs 1.
                               LIMITED BOT SUPPORT
Bots work great in deathmatch and team deathmatch, exept that they can't go under ground or
onto the ATAT but there is lots of action on the bottom of the map (even in Ensign mode) so 
you don't really need them on the ATAT! They work OK in tournament mode. Don't work in CTF 
mode however. They can run around but can't get the flag or score.

>>>Stuff About The Map<<<

File Type: Elite Force map (.pk3)
File Name: watersniper2.pk3	
Build Time: 1 month of updating. About 50 hours of work. 
Compile time: 18 minets-fastvis. It doesn't affect gameplay (it's not slow) while fullvis 
takes too long.
Secrets:  2 good one's (get power-ups and weapons) 1 bad one (you die in it.)


The map is a sniper map with some hanging in the air pads and ATAT (I used a prefab). I made
bases be dreadknougt, but it's not scary it looks nicer that way. The map has plenty water.It's 
pretty open exept for the under ground with secrets. Can't sniper in the tunnels tho
But there you can also sniper in the big room. For Snipers... I added 1 bad secret
(means you die in it) to the map and there are 2 more good ones. Hard to find the first one. 
VERY hard to find the second one. But it pays.

Lot's of them. 

- Lighting... Most of it remaided the same but in some places I changed the lighting to be
color full.
- Weapons and shields... I changed all the weapon arangments entirly. Generaly I made less
weapons since I had some complains that the map had too many weapons. 
- THE MAP!!! I changed what I had parts in the map slightly, but I added an underground 
tonnel from the base room to the middle of the map on both sides. Also there is an entrance 
to 2 small rooms there. One of the rooms leads to a huge room. It's great for sniping and 
fighting a small battle but you only have so much time becouse the room is filled up entirly
with water so you only have seconds before you start drowning. The room has a invisibility 
cloak and a shield. But it only has 1 transporter so your goning to have to fight for it!
Another change is I replaced the tower than I had with an ATAT. IT'S HUGE! The Flag is on 
top of it. You can get in it too on the top. Altho thats not too cool. 
- Secrets... I also added a secret place where you geet transportered and die inside. Don't
get foolled! And I made the 2'nd secret harder to find also. HINT:Climb
-Fire and Glass... That fire that I had in the last map, I also got it in this map, when you
come close to it, it will hurts you but slowly. On the ATAT you can break the glass and then
snipe from the top room, when you break the glass it does some damage to you.
-Style... Over all the map looks a lot nicer in my and some of my friends opinions.

>>>Known Bugs<<< 
-When your high up like on the ATAT you can see overlapping on the bottom of the map. (Water)
this doesn't effect gameplay.
-I had problem in spectator mode that you got transported into an unwanted place. I fixed it by
making the spectators transport high in the center of the map when they get low to the ground. 
(If you know how to fix that email me)

>>>Things that might be mistaken for bugs<<<
-In the little base cabin when you walk up the ladder you might get stuck. Just turn side 
ways a little and you'll walk out fine. This is becouse you come out in the leg of the ATAT,
which I specially made so that there is only 1 entrance to the cabin and so that you can 
keep the person with the flag deffended in there.
-On a jump pad that gets you up ATAT you might get send somewhere you never intended to go.
Thats becouse you didn't jump in the middle of the jump pad. Jump in the middle and it'll be

>>>Special Thanks<<<

-[SFI]Gez for BETA testing.
-James Nukem for letting me use some of his textures.
-Some website :( where I got a lot of the textures. Forgat the name :(

As far as i know my map should not have viruses or things like that. But if something does happen I 
accept NO RESPONSIBILITY for any damage my map does. As far as dicompiling the map and adjusting it
or using something from it you MAY NOT unless I give you my permision first (Just ask I probably
will.) If you distribute the map you must include the read me.

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