This is a great map by HorckDude. The newer version of his Daedalus map. This one is aboard the U.S.S. Alliance. This one includes new areas...


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This is a great map by HorckDude. The newer version of his Daedalus map. This one is aboard the U.S.S. Alliance. This one includes new areas and some cool new features. I loved the TOS models lieing around the place and there are a lot of stuff to blow up. So if you liked the original, you'll LOVE this!

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Download 'daedalus2.zip' (5.72MB)

 ---== DAEDALUS 2.0 ==---

Unzip the file 'daedalus2.pk3' to the folder 'baseef' in your Elite Force directory.
Then start holomatch and select the Daedalus map from the list.

Map name	: Daedalus
Mapped by	: Lucas van Horck (HorckDude)
Released on	: 15/8/2002

Gametypes	: Free for all, Team Holomatch
Botsupport	: Yes, up to 10 bots.
Weapons used	: All, except Borg weapons
Loadingshot	: Yes
Secret area	: Maybe :p
New textures	: Yes
New sounds	: Yes
New models	: Yes

Development time	: Original map took 2 months and this one was released 5 months later, but I had a large break of over two months.
Compile time	: 1 hour and 13 minutes
System		: Pentium 4 - 1,4 Ghz - 256 MB rd-ram - GeForce 2 MX
Software used	: EFRadiant, ShaderEd, Paint Shop Pro, Cool Edit Pro and several small windows programs.

This is the second version of my first map. After I learned mapping I started a mod: The Dax Mod. But I had troubles with mapping very soon after I started. So I decided that I needed some experience first. That's where I decided to create a HM map. I always loved Star Trek so I decided to make a Star Trek ship. But a lot of ships were already created, but not the Daedalus class ship. It seemed very interesting to me, a ship combination of the SS Enterprise NX-01 and the TOS Enterprise NCC-1701. I took on the challenge and here is the result.
When the original map was released there were a lot of possitive comments about the map, but everyone said that the framerate was way too low. So I decided to improve that and add more sections. And here it is. The framerate has been improved, the armory has been moved to deck B and has been modified, the shuttlebay has been added and engineering has been updated.

The ship has several decks:
A-deck	: Bridge - Conference Lounge
B-deck	: Transporterroom - Armory
C-deck	: Airlocks 1, 2 and 3
E-deck	: Shuttlebay
F-deck	: Jefferies Tube that leads to hull - Main Engineering (with secundary transporter-pad)

Since the interior was never shown on Star Trek I made it up. But I tried to make the hull as realistic as possible, but because gameplay is more important than realism in a multiplayer game I made the following changes to the hull to improve gameplay:

- I made the engineering section (back part of the ship) a bit larger than it should be because else it wasn't big enough to hold the engineroom.
- The two parts that attach the warp nacelles to the engineering section are connected a bit too high to the nacelles because else it wasn't possible to get on the warp nacelles.
- The part that connects the saucer section (sphere) and the engineering section is a bit higher to make it connect right to the airlock.

- Visit the statue of god MRJ in the conference lounge
- Break stuff :)
- Cause warp-core breach
- Touch the bussard collectors (the glowing orange things on front of the warp nacelles)
- Play around with the shuttlebay-door controls

Star Trek background information:
When the war with the Romulans began in 2156 the humans realised that they needed a strong fleet of ships to defeat the Romulan Star Empire. Therefor a large fleet of Daedalus class vessels was developed and deployed. With the growing Daedalus fleet the Romulan Star Empire got weaker and weaker and was forced to sign the peace treaty. After the war in 2160 the Humans, Vulcans and several other races formed an alliance called "The United Federation of Planets" with a military organisation called "Starfleet". Since there weren't any starships in production yet Starfleet asked their members to donate starships. The earth government donated almost the entire Daedalus fleet to starfleet making the humans one of the most important races in the UFP (United Federation of Planets). After the success with the Daedalus vessels Starfleet continued to produce Daedalus Class ships. To celebrate the alliance between the races, the first Daedalus ship actually produced by Starfleet was named the USS Alliance. This ship is playable in this Elite Force map.

For this map I'd like to say thanks to:

- Toonloon, for his ideas, for models, for door texture and for testing.
- AFADoomer, for letting me use the TOS mapobjects and his brand new transporter model.
- USS Speed, for creating the MRJ model and for testing.
- Wolf359, for fixing my 'node without a volume' problem
- Stukatto, for doing the best betatest and for lots of mapping info.
- Dobberman, for a lot of mapping assistance.
- Worf55, for giving me a great pep-talk when I screwed up the map and couldn't find a backup. Without him I would've given up searching and would never have found that backup.
- For testing and/or giving me ideas: MajorTork, Superrobster, Moonmonkey, CMcQ and Cmdr. Chakotay.

And the rest of the people on the Raven Boards... :)

And ofcourse I thank Raven Software for creating this wonderful game and Gene Roddenberry for creating Star Trek.

More stuff of mine can be found on my website:
You can find the website of my own mod there: The Dax Mod
And you can find a link to the website of the Enterprise NX-01 mod for which I'm mapping.
So in the future you'll definately hear more from me.

If you have any question or problems for my map feel free to contact me.
E-mail	: [email protected]
ICQ	: 60619585
MSN	: [email protected]

You can distribute my map as long as I'm given the proper credit. Please do not change the pk3 file for further distribution and do not remove this readme file.
If you want to use anything in the pk3 for your own EF creation you MUST ask for my permission first.

Enjoy fragging! :)

Lucas van Horck (aka HorckDude)

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