Dalek (2005 Version)

Haha okay... since I made this file myself, I won't actually review it, I'll just point out what it is. :P

This is the Dalek player model...


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File Description

Haha okay... since I made this file myself, I won't actually review it, I'll just point out what it is. :P

This is the Dalek player model I posted as a POTD a few days back. It's from the final episode of the new series Doctor Who, featuring a Dalek that has a claw instead of a plunger (which was easier to set up holding an EF weapon).

I made this primarily because I wanted to refine my modeling skills a bit, as well as get the chance to try out doing a Dalek type voice. :)

The file includes new sounds (Yes, that is my voice :P ), team colors and bot support.



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Download 'efmdl_dalek2005.zip' (4.71MB)

Dalek (2005 Version) By TiM

Dalek: Exterrrrminate!

I started making this model at around the end of season 1 of the new Doctor Who last year.
Since then, it's been collecting digital dust on my hard drive.  In any case, with season 2
just finished up, I was prompted to go ahead and finish this thing.

I primarily made this for one reason: I found out how to create the Dalek voice effect in
Adobe Audition and I wanted an excuse to try voice acting it hehe.  I don't think I'm as 
good as Nick Briggs (Who does it on the show), but I'd like to think I came close. :P

Anyway, enjoy!

General Information

Name: Dalek (2005)
Console Name: dalek2005
Gender: ???
Original Date of Compilation: 21/7/2006
New Sounds: Yes
Holomatch Team Support: Yes
Bot Support: Yes
Shaders: Environment mapping and alpha blending
Model Format: .md3
Modeling/UV mapping/Animating: 3D Studio Max 7
ASE Conversion: q3data.exe
Bot Editing program: Notepad :P
Texture Editing Programs: Adobe Photoshop CS
Sound Editing: Adobe Audition 1.5
Time taken to make: All in all, around a week

Installation Instructions:

Both Platforms (Mac and PC):

Drag the efmdl_dalek2005.pk3 file into your BaseEF directory.
Run Holomatch and enjoy!

To load the model through the console, type '/model dalek2005'

NB: Also, as much as I wanted to add decent footstep sounds, I didn't want to screw around with
replacing audio sounds or such since that'd make other models sound weird.
If you want to get rid of the footsteps sound, you can set '/cg_footsteps' to 0.  
That works quite effectively. :)

Doing Dalek or Cybermen Voice Effects in Adobe Audition (or Cool Edit Pro)

This is just in case anyone is interested. :)

1) Open/Record your audio footage.
2) Make sure the amplitude is pretty decent (As this will lower it quite a bit).
3) Go 'Effects->Filters->Dynamic EQ'.
4) In Dynamic EQ, fiddle around with boosting the mid range.  The point here is to make it sound
walkie-talkie-ish. :P
5) Hit OK, and now choose 'Generate->Tones'.
6) Reset everything to default, and then check the 'Modulate' box.
7) In Base Frequency, enter 30 for Daleks, or 400 for Cybermen.
8) Hit OK. All Done!  You might need to re-amplify it though.


Questions? Comments? Suggestions?
I can be contacted by:
ICQ: 24965853
E-Mail: timothyoliver AT bigpond DOT com
MSN Messenger: timothyoliver AT bigpond DOT com

Legal Stuff:
You may redistribute this set of assets, provided this notice accompanies it.

You may take the model apart to study but if you wish to create a modified version, or
use any assets in your own production, please get my permission before releasing. :)

I assume no responsibility if this file exterminates your PC. ;P


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