De_Dust (.map)



This is the .map file of the De-Dust map from the CStrike Mode mod. This will teach mappers how to make maps compatible with CStrike mode.

Future CStrike Mode Mappers, download this!




I'm releasing the de_dust.map as a sort of tutorial for
people who want to map for CStrike mode.  There are a
few important things to note:

- For consistancy's sake, please make your bomb pole as
similar to the one in de_dust as possible.  You can
maybe change the textures around, but please make it
easily identifiable as a bomb pole.  Also make sure to
have a brush with the bomb texture around it.
- The crates have a spiffy little trick.  Make all the
crates in any given area a single func_breakable.  Then
place a smaller func_breakable inside one of the crates
(where a player can't shoot it.)  Have the little
func_breakable target the big func_breakable.  Set it
so that the big func_breakable has a use only flag
checked.  This way when the bomb goes off it will
destroy the small func_breakable which will target the
big func_breakable, destroying it.  
- To make the map friendlier for bots place 
item_botroams at the bomb sites (otherwise they'll just
kind of sit there until something they can shoot comes 
- The two teams should spawn in groups, rather than
spread out over the map.
- There should be a detpack at the red spawn area.
- There should be at least two bomb zones, no more than
three.  The bomb zones should also be spaced about ten
seconds journey apart.

If you make a map which is very good it might be
included in a future release of CStrike Mode.  so get

Legal Info

I will not be held responsible for any damage or loss 
of data as a result of the installation or use of the 
files located within this zip file.  The only portions 
of this .map file which may be used in the creation of 
other maps are:

- The func_breakable entities.
- The brushes textured with the 'bomb' texture.
- The brushes contained within the brushes textured 
with the 'bomb' texture.

All other parts of the .map file require the written 
consent of the original author to be used in other maps.  
No part of this zip may be used for commercial gain.  If 
you wish to distribute this .map file the distributed 
file must contain ALL the original files that were 
present during the initial download (the .map and this 
readme,) and must not be altered in any way, shape or form.  
It may be distributed in any form other than normal snail 

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