Death Trap

This here folks is another great map by !AAH!Fox. And as the name implies, this is a death trap. A very, very clever map with many secret ar...


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This here folks is another great map by !AAH!Fox. And as the name implies, this is a death trap. A very, very clever map with many secret areas. fun to play in and fun for the detective. Try and find all of the secret areas. It'll be very hard. Great map! I recommend a DL! Oh where you step. More great maps to come soon by Fox.

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Download 'deathtrap.pk3' (2.15MB)

***  Deathtrap  ***

General Map Info

This is my first atempt at a map for assimilation.

As per my usual maps, ive added a few secrects as well
as explodable things and some other nice surprises.

( insert evil cackle here ^_^ )

This map also has specific objectives that need to be
carried out in order to get to the borg queen.

( Assuming she is a coward and hides in the borg section that is
lol )


Objective 1: Get to the elevator + use it.
Objective 2: Activate the jump pads via the red button
Objective 3: Use the Jump pads to reach the queens hideout

I Hope that you enjoy this map, though if you have any feed back
or comments to make, please send an e-mail to:

Suported modes of play

CTF         : No
FFA         : Yes
Team DM     : Yes
Bot Support : Yes  

Time taken

Map creation : 2 Months roughly
FullVis      : 4 Hrs
FastVis      : 30 mins

System used

System        : Windows ME
Speed         : 1.3 Ghz
Ram           : 128 Mb
Graphics Card : GeForce 2


How 2 Install

Copy and paste the Deathtrap.pk3 file into your Baseef Folder which can be found
in your Star Trek folder.

(C:\Program Files\Raven\Star Trek Voyager Elite Force\BaseEF)

You can find this folder most easily by clicking on:

(a) "Start"
(b) "Find/Search"
(c) "Files or Folders"
(d) In the "Named" box type in "baseef"
(e) Im the "look in" box make sure that "C:" is selected.
(f) Hit the "search now" button.

Obviously if you have several hard drives you will have to substitute the "C:" for 
whatever drive you installed STEF on.


How 2 Run

To actually run the map goto:

(1) Start
(2) Programs
(3) Raven Software
(4) Star Trek voyager Elite Force 
(5) Star Trek voyager Elite Force holomatch

Once it comes up on screen select:

(a) Single player
(b) Create match

Select the game style you wish to play: CTF / FFA / DM 

Scroll through the avaiable maps until the "Deathtrap" map appears.


Func Use

Many of the button, doors and secrets for this map make
extensive use of the Func_Use option.

What this means is that instead of shooting or running into many 
buttons as in other maps, you will have to use your use object 

How 2 setup

To setup the use object key all you have to do is:

Open up holomatch
Click on configure
Click on Attack/Look

Here you will get a "use object" option.

Simply click on this and setup a key for use with it.



Thanks go out to:

Wolf         - ( For map testing and atempts to blow me to smitherines)
James Nukem  - ( For extensive map testing, bot file creation, debuging, as well as 
                 many usefull ideas)
Wise Washu   - ( For game testing and sugestions) 
Wolf Woman   - ( For game testing)
All of you   - ( For downloading and playing this map )


Additional maps

You can also find more maps for download at:

Both are excellent sites with plenty of usefull maps and info.



There is one small bug in this map, and its the only one I could find.

Its in the holding cell and isnt really that noticble unless you are looking for it, so
I didnt consider it worth the effort of trying to fix, considering how much ram the pc
was begining to eat, when doing a fullvis. ^_^



I !AAH!Fox or Fox as Im more commonly known, take no responsibility what so ever for any 
damage that may result from the use of this map.

Be it for: system crash's, broken keyboard, broken mouse, disruption to your tv set, 
epalectic fits etc etc etc.

Simply put I dont care what you may think my map has done, I wont be held responsible for


As allways I recommend downloading a good virus checker and scaning any download you use.

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