Delta Flyer

This is a RPG map, which mean that don't expect to play any MP game on it. It's a kind of evolution to those mail RPG.

While there is a g...


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This is a RPG map, which mean that don't expect to play any MP game on it. It's a kind of evolution to those mail RPG.

While there is a great work on the different entities of this map, which mean every control panel is working, the map layout and the brush work lack of work. Many texture missallignement appear at some place. The shuttle base would have win to have much more detail. How do you go out of the water if you fall from the shuttle pad? The detail inside the Delta Flyer is really good, and seam to look like the real one. The LCARS textures are really nice, while other texture would have been better with 4-5 times higher resolution.

Sadly, to me it's the kind of map you check once, and never play it again.

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Download '' (9.82MB)

Delta Flyer

V 2.1


Open the zip file and place 'deltaflyer.pk3' into your Elite Force 'BaseEF' folder, but of course you allready new that.


This map is designed for Role Playing, in know way what so ever was it made for Fragging so dont come complaining about it.

This map has a large number of interactive features which allow for the optimum role playing experiance. 


Carley - The main man, the maper who created this fantastic map

Geb- Mapped the Planet, really nice work M8. :)

Phil- All help with bugs, and for checking Gebs map for bugs.

Wade - see those nice green lcar shaders? yep there all by this guy

Mr.t - those awesome chair models, you probably seen them before on the uss magnificent, if you haven't GO GET IT NOW

Simmo666 - Door textures

The Beta testers - Merrick,Phil,Crusader,Geb,Simmo,Nukem ,Mr T and Phu!

Crusader - for his wonderfully informative constructive critiscm :P

Phenix - for his wonderfully constructive work on the word, Hello and Critiscm :p

Chris Merrick - For editing the level shot and writing this read me 

Ronny Bosveld (Phu) - for the warp speed shader and Transwarp shader and texture, and Distress call.

Star Trek Sound and Vision - all of the sound affects used

James Nukem-Help with Mapping Skills THANK U!

I sincerely apologise for any confusion casued of the delta flyer 

level shot issue, any copyright laws broken or any offence to the author 

cuased by this incident was intirely unintentional and it will be changed 

immediatley, We say sry to Mike van Nimwegen, for using his Art with out asking

dute to this I have replaced the Picture. 

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