This is Livingdeadjedi's (The author of such maps as EpisodeWHAT and FFAepisode1) newest map, and as always, its a beaut. It's some of the...


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This is Livingdeadjedi's (The author of such maps as EpisodeWHAT and FFAepisode1) newest map, and as always, its a beaut. It's some of the corridors of a Super Star Destroyer. If you know what that is, you probably know why only some corridors were made :D (a super star destroyer is miles long) It includes 2 hangers, 1 for each base, and an updated shuttle that looks almost exactly like the 1 in the movie! An excellent map, but so many corridors is a bit of a downfall. Part of episodewhat's best attributes was its wide openness, and until you learn destroyme, ou'll probably be running around in circles. Besides that, its an excellent map and definetly worth a download :)

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Download '' (12.08MB)


This Map is part of the Starwarsspecial Mod it will be realeased for Jedi Knight 2 with proper textures 
just thought EF comunity might want a peep at it  =]

map		"destroyme"
longname	"destroyme"
type		"CTF all the way =] but FFA and teamplay are there as standard
recommended	ive set 8 but more is best


DARTH VADER me ol mod leader HEHEHE
STUKATTO  for helping me learn to with make shaders and stuff
^7[^1OD^7]**PAUL**^3[^5JK^3]   cause hes me beta tester =]]
AGENT 007 for his great ATAT textures
All other people who have made textures that are in this map if ya find any  =] although its 80 % my own
MRGREG  who puts me maps onto
KURAIHITO for testing my maps giving helpful cryticism and killing me all the time  ROFL
CHERIE erm cause shes very nice  =]]]]]]]]
ALL the XG gang WE ROCK  =]


remember place pk3 into baseef folder in startrek elite force directory
Do this by............oh hold on ya not that stupid............. i hope  >=]


i DID add bots but then deleted them as they didnt do much AND YES I CAN USE THE BOTTING TOOL  
OR BSPGUI as its called its just even after adding weight to a bot roam they still wouldnt fall 
down the hole or use the lifts  =[[


No bugs well maybe the odd 1 if ya have eagle eyes LOL
and a few lights look out of place like white ones in the red base with the red lights
but thats done on purpose

There are some Secret Areas 
1. Most important one is theres a transporter to other base on top of the TIE BOMBER
2. ALSO a transporter inside the SHUTTLE in the hanger
3. If ya on the Second level go thru the doors until you find the Detention area of the    
Stardestroyer that looks like the one on the Death star, GOTO the end blast the Grill and    
fall down into trash compactor DOOR will open a few seconds after crusher starts for you    
to get out BUT once it shuts again after a fair while you will have to wait till another    
person drops in before it opens again.  IF ya dont wanna wait drop down Console and type     
/kill   =]
4. On the main bridge go Left as ya leave it and down the corridoor at the end is vaders med    
chamber which will heal you AND you can close it with the button. ALSO if you goto the    
HOLOGRAM PAD in there an ARC welder appears
5. Another Hologram pod on the bridge gives you a DECOY
6. LOOK FOR SWITCHES EVERYWHERE that might close secret doors  HINT  Bridge and hanger    control station

thats all i gotta say  =]]
have fun fraggin

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