This is another map for the Bomb Diffusion mod. If you haven't tried out this mod already, I highly recommend it!

This is a unique map with walkways, jumppads and platforms floating over a very nice skybox. Each base is facing the other, and to get between them you must strafe down the walkways being careful not to fall off since there are no edges.

The bomb spawns in the centre of the map, which is set in a slight dip compared with the bases. The actual bomb platforms are set down slightly in the bases as well, which is a nice touch (see the screenshots).

The centre of the map also gives way to two other walkways leading to transporters. These transporters will each take you to sniping boxes. Also in the centre of the map (but very high up), is a platform that holds a quantum weapon enhancer. To reach this however, you must use the provided jump pads at the edge of either base.

Near the above mentioned jump pads, are some voy1/2 style bunkers which you must use nothing but your skill, to reach the top of. If you do, you will find yourself with a nice arc welder.

The map is quite simple in design, but very fun (a bit like faceoff).

It fully supports Bomb Diffusion, CTF, Qball and most other gametypes.

Definately download it!

New Textures: Yes New Models: No New Music: No Bot Support: Yes


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