DJ KryptiK's Remix of EF Rappers



I've never heard the original, so I don't know how different it is, but this is worth a listen if you like rap music. It's basically sound clips from EF all stuck together with typical rap music and some effects added in.



DJ KryptiK's RMX of EF Rappers

Origional Work: EF_Rappers.mp3 (cant find the author) 

This is a "very novice" remix of the above origional work. Just playin around from bordom. I think it as like 5:00am when I made it, on something at the time, so I wasnt what you'd call "with it" or "with the program" haha.

Used one of my Stanton Turntables (Hi-Torq Belt-Driven) with a new Stanton 500SK Cartridge.
And SoundForge XP Studio 5. Recorded myself doing different effects then put them into my PC. Used different effects in SFS5 such as time stretch, distort, etc. Just a little thing I did when I first DLed it. A friend told me to spice it up, so I did. Whole operation took maybe 2 hours. Had this since the origional appeared online.

I may have gotten a bit sloppy. You decide.

I do not claim the song as my own. Just the changes I made to it.

Shout out to NFO clan, Files Network, and my homegirl Pixi dawg.

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