DJ's Beretta 92FS

Kryptik has released yet another weapon to replace the compression rifle. This weapon has it's own custom sounds, effects and ammo pickups....


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Kryptik has released yet another weapon to replace the compression rifle. This weapon has it's own custom sounds, effects and ammo pickups. There are various other changes made to HM as well with a few model and text replacements.

The model detail and the texture of the gun were rather well done. The mesh seemed to have a few redundant polys and the uvmap led to some texture streaking. The muzzle flash also could have been reduced in the number of polys (perhaps an alpha-ed plane would have worked better?) I must say though, the detail of the gun does come at a price. The number of polys in the gun itself are equal to those put in an EF player model. The detail does leave the gun looking smooth but during the game I don't think someone would have enough time to notice how smooth it is ;) However, don't let that stop your from downloading this, the gun definitely is worth checking out for the sheer amount of work that went into it and the fact that it still looks good :D

New Models: Yes New Sounds: Yes New Textures: Yes

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            DJ's Beretta 92FS

          DJ KryptiK aka 8of12


Name: DJ's Beretta 92FS

Type: New Model Type

Textures: New Skin

Description: A model of Beretta's famous 92 series 9mm handgun. One of the best 9mm's ever created. This was modeled after a digital camera picture taken, a few days before the modeling process began. It was kinda tuff to skin, and I finally was satisfied after 2 days. This replaces the compression rifle. As one of my new guns, it sports the new muzzle flash I made, giving this gun a more realist look in game. I had made a earlier version of this over a week ago, but was unsatisfied with the model, so I rebuilt all of it but the grip.

The Origional Model: New Model
Model Used: New Model

Total Verticies: 935
Total Triangles: 1385
Build Time: Over 2 days
Beta Testers: Myself

New Sounds: Yes
New Textures: Yes
New EFX: No
New GFX: Yes (My New Muzzle Flash)


Put the pk3 file in your baseEF folder like you would anyother map or skin. This mod will replace the prifle (Compression Rifle). The 92FS is viewable from all menus showing the prifle, and all in game povs.


Just take it out of your baseEF and the weapon will return to default.

This is a new model I made. As always, feel free to use this in any projects of yours (nonprofit of course), but give me credit.

This mod/weapon model is not supported or aknologed by the Raven Software Company or any of its affiliates, lisencors, or partners. Use at your own risk. 

-DJ K. aka 8of12

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