Dominion Robosonic

Yet another Sonic skin. This one sort of resembles the other Sonic skin but with different colors. Same as with the other Sonic, this one em...


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Yet another Sonic skin. This one sort of resembles the other Sonic skin but with different colors. Same as with the other Sonic, this one emits some sort of energy when making a taunt. Well if you liked the other Sonic skin then you might want to check this out. It's a nice twist although personally I don't like purple.

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Dominion RoboSonic for Elite Force

This is my Dominion RoboSonic model, a completely new thing based on the Sonic model and used new textures for it so it has the Dominion look. If you like the Dominion, Sonic or both, this is worth it for your collection.

Background Info:
Several Jem'Hadar Fighters intercepted the Federation Cargo Ship known as the USS Supplier. Aboard the ship they found over 1,000,000 game consoles, each with an included Sonic the Hedgehog game. The Jem'Hadar feels that the games may contain useful information for the Dominion, so they hijacked the Supplier and travelled to the Karrmea homeworld, where the Karrmea then handed the game consoles and Sonic games to the Vorta for research. The Vorta then found out that the consoles can be used for fun, so they played on them and found out the most interesting peices of information they have ever seen. The Vorta then handed over the information to the Founders (Changelings), and with that information one Founder created a new prototype invention known as the RoboSonic, a machine that has the same power and speed like the real Sonic has. That Founder who made the first RoboSonic soon realised that this could be the key to victory for the Dominion and could be a formidable war machine, so he decided to build nine more prototype RoboSonics and afterwards he found an excellent testing place for them: the IKS Dah Maw, a Klingon Chuq'Beh Class cruiser. A Jem'Hadar Fighter carrying the prototypes was launched and attacks the Dah Maw, but was soon destroyed. Fortunately, the prototypes have already boarded the Dah Maw before the Jem'Hadar Fighter was destroyed and wiped out almost all of the ship's crew, the survivors were then taken as prisoners under the torture from the RoboSonic prototypes. The Federation were soon informed of this but fell victim to the RoboSonic assault. That is what started the Second Dominion War.

Shove the SonicDominion.pk3 file into your BaseEF directory and start the Second Dominion War!

Myself ( for the textures.
Original model by Ryan Daniel ( and Sundance.

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