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This is a small mod for modder that show you how to change the default door sound. There is a .bat file inside to help.


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This is a small mod for modder that show you how to change the default door sound. There is a .bat file inside to help.

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Door sounds mod. (by Xcom) v.1.3 
Files |  Description |  Install |  How to use |  Notes |  Legal |  Thanks |  Contact 
PACKAGE (top) 

*	pak1.pk3 (pak with QVM) 
*	dtest.pk3 (pak with test level) 
* (EFradiant file) 
*	useXsound.bat (Batch file to start Holomatch) 
*	Xsound_Readme.html (this file) 
After reading all responses from EF BBS, I decided to release this patch as an official mod. This means that it should be started from a bat file. By using this mod you'll be able to make doors and platforms play different sounds instead of default (largedoor). This is the only thing it does! 
Remove any previous versions of this mod! Extract all files from this ZIP to EliteForce directory. (Not EF/BaseEF/, just EF directory). Don't forget to check "Use folder names" option in WinZip. 

HOW TO USE (top) 
When making a door or paltform in Radiant, open Entity view and add these two settings to the [door/platform] entity: 
noise1.....Path to a wav/mp3 file (i.e. sound/movers/doors/hugedoorstart.mp3)
noise2.....Path to a wav/mp3 file (i.e. sound/movers/doors/hugedoorstop.mp3) 
Noise1 is the sound which plays when door starts moving! Noise2 is the sound which plays when door stops moving! (For those who don't know, type noise1 into [Key] field, then type path into [Value] field. Press Enter! The same goes for noise2). You can also load in Efradiantto see how it's done! If you interested how it works, open holomatch, bring up the console and type /devmap dsound 
Func_plat has the same settings as a door (noise1, noise2) plus noise3. Noise3 is used when plaform is moving. If Noise3 is skipped, no sound is used (default). 
NOTES (top) 

*	When using teamed doors, all func_doors must have the same noise1 and noise2 settings. 
*	If you don't specify noise1 and noise2, default sounds will play instead. TIP: if you wanna make silent door, point noise1 or/and noise2 to an empty wav/mp3 file such as sound/movers/doors/klingondoorstop.mp3 
*	When level is loaded, you can type /xcom to see secret message. If you get "Unknown command", then you either didn't install properly or didn't use useXsound.bat. 
*	If you distribute maps with modified doors to people who don't have this QVM, they will hear the default sounds because engine won't recognize noise commands. There is no risk whatsoever in distributing maps with noise settings. 
*	I was thinking about adding noiseloop sound to doors but then realized that doors in HM move very quickly, so there is no time for loops. 
*	While playing with code, I dicovered several new things (new for me, anyway!) Func_plat can act as trigger: it fires its targets when reaches its upper position (POS2). Func_plat and func_door, both accept noise property but can't handle it very well because of a bug. So, please don't use it while using this mod! 
*	It's a pity that because of few lines of code I need to distribute whole library! 
*	I strongly suggest to include this feature into future mods! 
Contact me if you: 

*	want details on source code! 
*	have problems installing (using) this pack 
*	spot any bugs. 
*	wanna thank me! 
and don't contact me if you: 

*	wanna ask me to join some clan!!!! 
LEGAL (top) 
Use and distribute freely as long as this ZIP file is intact! If you want to include this QVM as a part of map/mod package, you may distribute any files (you think are necessary) as long as author is mentioned in the credits.
The author can't be held responsible for any damage which might be caused by this software! 
All Trademarks belong to their rightfull owners! 
(in alphabetical order)
*	6of1 
*	Chri 
*	James Monroe 
*	Syncromesh 
*	Wolf359 
CONTACT (top) 
Xcom (under construction)

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