Dragon Class

Ferengi presents the first public Beta version of his Dragon Class for Elite Force One.

This is a three deck starship currently a...


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Ferengi presents the first public Beta version of his Dragon Class for Elite Force One.

This is a three deck starship currently a Work In Progress, this download shows us what has been done so far and gives an idea of what direction the map is heading in. This is a fairly promising file that makes use of a variety of familiar textures and features, the latter of which not all are working at this stage.

While I found the corridors to be somewhat compact, it adds to the feel of smaller vessel perhaps similar in size to a Defiant Class ship, rather than the large vessels we're normally accustomed to playing on. In addition I felt that that the warp stars on Deck One have been wrapped too far around the area, which in turn produces a rather confusing effect - Warp Stars visible through the ceiling but not out the view-screen.

Overall this is a download worthy of your attention and looks set to be an interesting map when finished.

See the readme for further information and installation instructions.


Warning: This map causes a corrupt JPG error on several other maps.

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Download 'dragon_class_0.3beta.rar' (23.43MB)

Dragon Class - USS Dragon (Version 0.3 BETA)

Current Status:
Deck 1 = 100% Complete (Will maybe changed. / Not all features are installed until jet.)
Deck 2 = 100% Complete (Maybe also some changes until the final version)
Deck 3 = 23% Complete (Armory and Astrometrics are 100% Complete)

Features which should be included in future versions:
->Standard RPG-X features (I.e.: Drop out of work if core disabled etc...)
->Slipstream flight
->Aditional 2nd "slipstream-"core (Would be a small one. / If disabled you cant fly with slipstream.)
->Ejectable core (If I figure out how to do it.)
->A REALY BIG SURPRISE! (I wont say anything about it but if it works, it will be something which is on no other
  RPG map.)
->And some other things I don't imagine until jet. ^^

How to install:
Put the DragonClass-0.3B.pk3 file into your BaseEF folder.

How to Start it:
Open the console and type:
/map DragonClass

Bug report:
Please send me an E-Mail at Dominique.Meyer1@gmx.net or send me a PM.

ALL LCARS designs and the most textures are made by Johnson (alias RadiSign).
Some textures are also by Will & Ant by the RPG-X team, they will be changed in the next BETA.
(Like the corridor-lights one LCARS console in the CO-Office which I've forgotten to change and all 
Alarm-Lights in the corridors.)
Some textures are made by myself.
You are allowed to use every texture included in the pk3 file which are in the folder "RavenClass".

E-Mail: Dominique.Meyer1@gmx.net
MSN: Dominique.Meyer1@gmx.net
ICQ: 276-153-288

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