Dragon Knight



Here is a Q3 conversion of the Dragon Model, done by Michael "Magarnigal" Mellor. This is a HUGE model, requiring at least a hunkmeg allocation of at least 70 to operate, and a hefty computer to keep it from killing your FPS.

Original Creators: Michael "Magarnigal" Mellor, Dan "Deranged" Marinelli (skins), François-Xavier "OgroFix" Delmotte (skins), Jason "dark Horizon" Sallenbach (skins), Eyal "Shotgun" Shoham (skins), glenn (skins), Eric "Redchurch" VonRothkirch (sounds) Converted By: Eric2534

Bot Support: Yes CTF Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes



Model Name              : Dragon Knight

EF Converter		: Eric2534

Model Author		: Michael "Magarnigal" Mellor
			  email		: [email protected]
			  homepage 	: http://mag.critical-depth.net

Skin Authors            : Dan "Deranged" Marinelli
				  -Sir Bruin
			  email		: [email protected]
			  homgepage 	: http://www.3dpalette.com/deranged

			  François-Xavier "OgroFix" Delmotte
				  -ctf red
				  -ctf blue
				  -Rallos Zek
			  email		: [email protected]
			  homepage	: http://www.planetquake.com/pandemonium

			  Jason "dark Horizon" Sallenbach
				  -Dark Dragon
				  -Dark Knight
			  email		: [email protected]
			  homepage	: 

			  Eyal "Shotgun" Shoham
				  -Shotgun Knight
			  email		: [email protected]
			  homepage	: http://www.planetquake.com/skingun/

				  -Sir lokeren
			  email		: [email protected]
			  homepage	: http://www.cglenn.com

Sound Author            : Eric "Redchurch" VonRothkirch
			  email		: [email protected]
			  homepage	: 


 I am deeply indebted to the great talents of Ogrofix, Deranged, Glenn, Dark Horizon, Shotgun and Redchurch for their incredible
 contributions.  Without these guys this project would never have realised its full potential.  Thanks to all the guys on polycount 
 for their support and comments throughout the long-winded development.  Cheers guys, its been a lotta fun!

Additional Credits to   : id software, for the best games.  


A gallent knight riding upon his sturdy Dragon steed.  This model is the successor to the 
original Dragon Knight for Quake 2.  

Other Info

A cool feature of the quake3 animation system is the ability to define the length of almost any animation.  This, along with a great
compiling tool from work, meant I was able to do nice long idling sequences and death scenes that convey much more personality and
emotion than in previous ppms I've done.  All this extra eye candy comes at a cost though, the extra frames bloat the md3 files quite
considerably, and even on a high end computer just a couple of these guys running around on screen can seriously slow the action down.

Another point to note is that the death scenes are quite long, taking about 20-25 seconds to fully play out.  Since quake3 
automatically skips to the final death frame once you respawn, the only way to see the entire loop is to not respawn until the 
animation is finished.  Bots, of course, respawn instantly regardless so the death anims will always get cut short if your playing
against bots.  I have vague plans to do a 'deathmatch friendly' version with much shorter, practical animations.  

What would I have done differently?  I regret not taking more time with the uv maps, its pretty shoddy in parts and really caused the 
skinners unnecessary grief.  You'd think I'd have learned by now :)  There are some problems with the general design of the dragon,
particulary the front legs.  I should have thickened them up considerably to be convincingly 'load bearing', or shrunk them right down
to t-rex like claws that don't touch the ground at all.  The middle ground they tread as they are doesn't really work.  Other than these
few niggling issues I'm pretty happy with how the whole thing turned out.  

* Play Information *

Sounds                  : yes
CTF Skins               : yes
Bot support		: yes
LOD support		: no

* Construction *
Poly Count		: 2116
Skin Count              : 11
Shaders			: no
Editors used		: Lightwave 6.5, nmd3, paintshop pro, Botstudio .98
Build/Animation time    : too long

* How to use this model *

unzip to your /baseq3 folder, the model should then be available from the player select menu.  

***NOTE: The md3 files are exceptionally large, you may need to increase the ram allocated to quake3 in order for this model to
	 load.  Try adding the line "+set com_hunkmegs 96" to your quake3 shortcut.  

* Copyright / Permissions *

QUAKE(R) and QUAKE III Arena(R) are registered trademarks of id Software, Inc.

Contact me if you wish to use this model for anything other than its intended purpose.

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