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Okay, this was weird. Freak Fish brings us another of his "kill creatures for the sake of it" single player missions. Droid Attack...


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Okay, this was weird. Freak Fish brings us another of his "kill creatures for the sake of it" single player missions. Droid Attack has you on a small asteroid or land-mass in the middle of space with a ton of weapons, ammo and... well... empty space. That is until you step onto a magic grey stone at which point a LOAD of Gunship Robots appear and charge towards you. Random much? Anyway, there are three levels of this shooting, with increasing difficulty. Each level loads after the last which is great for you keeping leftover ammo, but deadly if you take much damage because this mission has NO health powerups. At least none I could see, and by the time you get onto the "hard" level, with around fifty of the massive defence-robots charging at you, a couple of hits can finish you off. The whole thing is hideously unbalanced, but there is a technique where you simply run in circles around the arena, blasting at the bots every second. The hostiles don't anticipate at all, and you can keep them running until they are all gone. Finishing all three robot levels will grant you access to a rather horrible bonus level where instead of robots, you fight about a hundred screeching vermin bugs, all of them crawling after you like Replicators crawl in masses in Stargate SG-1. Easy to kill, though.

Its all good fun, but we've had enough of these types of missions now. I'd suggest to Freak Fish that he continue work on "Fish Story" or any other missions that don't involve mindless killing, as thats what a lot of people would rather see.

Not bad for what it is, though, this file. Give it a try. :)

~ Luke20 (The Tenth Doctor)

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Download 'droidattack.zip' (13KB)

Droidattack readme

Droidattack is a SINGLE PLAYER map for elite force 1

to install put the .pk3 file into your baseEF folder.

to load one of the maps open SINGLE PLAYER elite force and type in console:

map droidattack_easy
map droidattack_medium
map droidattack_hard

As suggested above, the levels come in different difficulties. Each level
consists of a button and a ton off weapons. Then it is followed by a ton of
killer robots waiting to weld you to the ceeling once you jump on the big
tempting button. If you start on easy and manage to complete it, you will
be automatically taken to the next difficulty when youve demolished everything.
If you manage to survive the hard difficulty, you will be taken to wormattack
which is also conveniantly available in this .pk3 file.

use my maps for whatever you want as long as credit is given :P

if you have problems, suggestions, map ideas im your man so email me at:


by FreakFish


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