DSE Sea SP Mod



Little SP map/mission.

There is a lack of mapping here but we can enjoy the small SP part. Seam some texture are on XP.

Would be good to see bigger and longer mission....



If you are reading this then you have just downloaded the sequal to my 
first mod which I hope you will enjoy.

To play simply put the enclosed PK3 file into your
c:\programfiles\raven\startrekvoyagereliteforce\baseef  folder 
Then go into ef single player and lower the console ( the button before 
1 on the keyboard ) and type 

map dse_sea1

When your finished with it just remove the PK3 file.

Please feel free to distribute the mod as long as this readme is enclosed.
however if you want to put it on your website I would appreciate an e-mail
at [email protected]

NOTE this mod is not supported by Activision or Ravensoft.

story: You have been assign to the Dark Sword Elite (DSE), which the 
Federation has formed to "unofficaily" fight any threat. Intelligents has
found a secret, underwater, weapon-development base. They believe
that the Klingons will use the developed weapons to attack the Federation.
Anouther opretive was sent there to plant and detonate a bomb, which would 
allow water to flood the complex. He was discovered before he could arm the 
bomb, so you must find and arm it then escape on a special shuttle designed
to work underwater. The Klingons are likely to be expecting you so be careful.

tips + hints: If your cursor turns yellow then it's probably something that
can be used/broken/opened.

If you see a panel use the space bar on it.

You can contact me at [email protected]

Have fun! 


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