EF Holomatch Engine Update (1.36 Linux)

This is the Linux version of the update. Here is my review of the windows version. (Both versions are identical)

This is another h...


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This is the Linux version of the update. Here is my review of the windows version. (Both versions are identical)

This is another holomatch engine update provided to us by Thilo. Now, before I begin on the new features I would just like to say the graphics on the main menu do NOT work. Well, some of them do but the rest of it looks tacky because of this. (black boxes with white borders *shivers*)

Now onto the engine itself. I think the main updates are:

Quote: - - There now is the possibility to revert the fastsky to EF's original color. set cvar r_origfastsky and the color of fastsky will be the normal beige you know.

- - Ignore system. This is actually not specific to my engine but included in the VM updates in pak91.pk3. You can use it to ignore chat messages from abusive players. The ingame menu has been extended so you can conveniently add/remove players to/from your ignore list. Three new commands have been introduced: ignore, unignore and unignoreall, their names pretty much speak out for themselves. If the ignore or unignore command is called without playername, the person the crosshair is pointing at is affected. If you run it like: "/ignore evil 1", all players with the string "evil" in their name are affected. Colors in names will be stripped and don't affect the result at all. Of course, the ignore system is only available if the server has been updated with the pak91.pk3.

- - On Windows, the settings and user specific data are saved in the "Document and Settings" folder. The fs_homepath cvar indicates the exact position. On most english systems, the folder is called: C:Documents and SettingsLocal SettingsApplication DataSTVEF

I think that pretty much shows what the new features are, lol. I'd like to add though that the ignore system is a great idea. Not everyone on EF and all game servers alike are friendly, I don't mind shooting them but talking to them is a whole other matter, or having to put up with their rubbish.

Another thing, I noticed in the screenshots that one is called "flare-efarea51" so that is quite good, maybe eventually he'll bring us dynamic lights, which would be awesome wink.

Anywho, I think that's about all I can say except, download and give it a try.

(Oh and remember, this is holomatch only, singleplayer is NOT supported by it)

- Ryan

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Download 'io_eliteforce1.36.run' (4.8MB)

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