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A cool and well known MOD, which should have been up here sooner, which allows for extreme tension in Holomatch!

You only have a compress...


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A cool and well known MOD, which should have been up here sooner, which allows for extreme tension in Holomatch!

You only have a compression rifle, your Primary Fire don't work ;), and 1 shot kills. Not for the faint hearted! ;)

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 __                                          ________________________  __
(  | USS VOYAGER HOLODECK MODIFICATION FILE |________________________||__)
 ) |                __
(__| IN2TAGIB V0.9 |__)

                                                 __                    __
                                                (__| THE MODIFICATION |__)

     This mod is a recreation of the well known mod "Instagib". Since
     the patch of Elite Force to version 1.20 killed of the original
     one because of incompatiblities, it was necessary to reprogram
     the whole mod.
     Well, it's done with "IN2TAGIB".
     Also I got some Ideas how to modify the Holomatch to make many
     of the single player maps available to the regular deathmatch.
     If this modification is setup to do so, it's possible to access
     all areas of a single player map. Locked doors are opened, some
     lifts are even usable! Forcefields are switched off. And what is
     mostly neccesary to bring single player maps to online gaming:
     Different entry spots! And yes: With this modification all players
     enters a map at a different one! Therefor IN2TAGIB convert NPC
     bot spots to regular deathmatch entry spots. B-)
     With the additional soundpack, which is optional, you got now
     new sounds for your compression rifle, that don't get 
     annoying after a long time played. To improve the ambiente of
     some maps, I include some ambiente background sounds for maps
     that are placed on voyager or a borg ship. Door sounds are also
     replaced: Voyagers automatic doors sounds now authentic and the
     door sounds of single player maps are replaced.
     The modification itself is serverside-only. The soundpack has to
     be installed on client computers, but: Players who hasn't installed 
     IN2TAGIB (and the soundpack) are still able to connect to a 
     Server running this modification.
     To prevent problems with connecting, always be sure to open an
     unpure server!
                                                        __             __
                                                       (__| THE RULES |__)

     - Every hit is a frag.
     - There's only the compression rifle left. It only got its
       alternative shot.
     - No weapons and ammo are spawned in a map.
     - Ammo is unlimited.
     - By default powerups, holdables and health pickups are not
       available in a map.
     - With Quad-Damage-Powerup the aiming has not to be accurate,
       objects very near the beam are also hit.
                                              __                       __
                                             (__| OTHER CHANGED STUFF |__)

     * The compression rifle allows rocket jumping.
     * Pickups can be spawned by configuration.
     * Quad-Damage alters the shot and its damage range to a wider
     * !!! Single-Player-Maps are now playable in IN2TAGIB, because 
       NPC-spawning points are now normal deathmatch spawning points!
       B-) So all players won't enter a single-player map always at
       the same point anymore!
     * Sounds are changed to fit better in maps (door sounds).
     * With the optional Soundpack installed maps got new ambiente
       sounds like Warp Drive Sound for Voyager Maps or Borg ship
       ambiente sound. Also included in this soundpack are new sounds
       for the compression rifle and Quad Powerup.
     * Simple-Voting option for commercial servers, that only allows
       voting for maps.

     * Teammates can be pushed by shooting them (if g_friendlyfire is
       set to 0).

     * Most options are configurable by voting or editing HMCONFIG.CFG.       
                                                          __           __
                                                         (__| SERVERS |__)
     NGUK has decided to run this modification permanently on some of
     their servers. Join them now to try this modification online with
     other players worldwide:
          Instagib #1 FFA
          Instagib #2 TDM
          Instagib #3 CTF
     The latest news about NGUK's servers you find on their site:
                                                  __                   __
                                                 (__| WHAT IS TO COME |__)
     I plan to allow other weapons to be used in IN2TAGIB like the I-Mod
     or the Scavenger-CR. The last one will be altered so only one shot with
     the same intervall like the Compression Rifle can be done.
     The GUI of a client installation will be altered a little, just
     to see when the mod is active.

                                                 __                    __
                                                (__| SERVER VARIABLES |__)

     All variables listed here are available as server information.
     They are all available for voting! I added the g_speed variable

          - Cfg-Var: g_mod_PowerupsAvailableFlags
            * Depreciated, see g_mod_PowerupFlags

          - Cfg-Var: g_mod_HoldableAvailableFlags
            * Depreciated, see g_mod_HoldableFlags

          - Cfg-Var: g_mod_HealthAvailable
            Values:  "Y" / "N"
            Default: "N"
            Value "Y": Health pickups will be spawned in a map.
            Value "N": No health pickups are spawned.

          - Cfg-Var: g_mod_PowerupFlags
            Values:  "NNNN" ... "YYYY" 
            Default: "YNNN"
            Here now can be decided which powerups will be avail-
            able as pickups in a map.
            'Y' -> Powerup is available
            'N' -> Powerup is not available

            Every character in this string stands for a powerup in
            the following order:

           	 1. Quad
           	 2. Haste
           	 3. Invisible
           	 4. Flight

          - Cfg-Var: g_mod_HoldableFlags
            Values:  "NNNNN" ... "YYYYY" 
            Default: "YYYYY"
            Here now can be decided which holdables will be avail-
            able as pickups in a map.
            'Y' -> Holdable is available
            'N' -> Holdable is not available

            Every character in this string stands for a holdable in
            the following order:

           	1. Transporter
           	2. Medkit
           	3. Detpack
           	4. Shield
           	5. Decoy

          - Cfg-Var: g_mod_SinglePlayerMaps
            Values:  "Y" / "N"
            Default: "Y"
            Value "Y": NPC-Spawning points are converted to
                       deathmatch-spawning points, all doors are
                       open, forcefields are off.
            Value "N": All players enter a map at the default
                       single player entry point, forcefields are
                       on, some doors locked.

          - Cfg-Var: g_mod_FallingDamage
            Values:  "Y" / "N"
            Default: "N"
            Value "Y": Falling Damage in on.
            Value "N": Falling Damage is off.

          - Cfg-Var: g_mod_CreateAmbiente
            Values:  "Y" / "N"
            Default: "Y"
            Value "Y": Sounds are taken map specific. With the sound
                       pack on the clients installed, maps get fitting
                       sounds for background, doors etc.
            Value "N": Sounds are taken as usual.

          - Cfg-Var: g_mod_SimpleVoting
            Values:  "Y" / "N"
            Default: "N"
            !!! This variable is not available to voting! If voting
            is switched off this variable has no effect.
            Value "Y": It's only possible to vote for maps.
            Value "N": When voting is switched on, all mod vars 
                       (but not this one :-) are votable. This mod
                       also adds g_speed and g_gravity to the votable

          - Cfg-Var: g_mod_TeamPushShot
            Values:  "Y" / "N"
            Default: "Y"
            Only has an effect if g_friendlyFire is set to 0 and
            Teamplay is active.
            Value "Y": Teammates are pushed by each others shots if
            Value "N": A hit has no effect between teammates.

                                                             __        __
                                                            (__| TIPS |__)
     * If you open a server, setup a unpure server! Otherwise some
       clients (players) do have problems with connecting! Also the
       additional sound- and levelshotpack don't work with a pure 
       server if it hasn't installed these packs.
     * Set sv_allowDownload to "1". Since Patch 1.20 a bug causes 
       clients to hang if a server doesn't allow downloads and the
       client (cl_allowDownload) is forced to download a modification
       from a server.
                                                           __          __
                                                          (__| HISTORY|__)

       02.08.2001 V0.9
       * Cosmetics:
         - Levelshots for all SP-Maps (Client Installation)
       * Ambiente:
         - SP-Map specific background-sounds (Client Installation)
         - SP-Map specific door sounds (Server Side)
       * Map-Handling:
         - Improved entry spot selection for SP-Maps.
       * Gameplay:
         - Teammate Push-Shot
       * Configuration:
         - g_mod_TeamPushShot

       15.07.2001 V0.8
       * Quad-Powerup fixed.
       * Map specific sound handling (door sounds).
       * Soundpack (optional, for client installation only).
         - New Compression Rifle sounds
         - New Quad-Powerup sound
         - New ambiente sound for Voyager maps
         - New ambiente sound for Borg maps
       * Handling of single player maps enhanced: 
         - Forcefields are off
         - All doors are unlocked
         - Platforms taken away
       * Deleted server vars:
       * New server vars:  

       08.07.2001 V0.71
       * Rocket-Jumping fixed

       08.07.2001 V0.7
       * First release...

                                                           __           __
                                                          (__| CONTACT |__)
       Well, I hope you like this little modification. If you have 
       suggestions  or a bug to report, please don't hesitate to contact
       me via this email address:
       [email protected]
       The newest version can be downloaded from this

 __  _______________________________                                   __
(__||_______________________________| PROGRAMMED BY LT. CMDR. SALINGA |__)

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