EF LCARS Patch 1.30



gameplay since this results in patching servers as well. This is only ment to be a client side patch.These are the major fixes done by this patch:

Maximum loadable maps now 2000 (was 64). Search function in map menu. Tournament gametype selectable. Maximum loadable models now 2000 (was 256). Cached gameserver list. Note: If you open a server, be sure to make it unpure, so client don't need to have this patch installed to connect to your server. These are the major fixes done by this patch: Max. 2000 maps are loaded (was 64). You can search for maps. Maps that match the search term in their map filename or description are then only shown. The amount of maps shown each page is increased to 9 (was 4). The navigation bar under the maps shows the following values:- Left: maps found (for search term/gametype).- Middle (after map name): Index of selected map in list.- Right: Amount of all available maps. The gametypes FFA and Tourney show always all available maps. The map preview thumbnail contains the map name + its filename. The menu to create a server allowes the selection of the gametype "Tourney" (1v1). The maximum models loadable is increased to 2000 models (the maximum was 256 models). The public server list is cached. It will be loaded everytime you start EF or disconnect from a server. So you don't have to request the server list from the master server everytime you enter the server menu. If the highlighted map in the server list is unknown/not installed, the standard picture (EF sign) will appear instead of the simple "black hole". When opening a server you can set also the MOTD (Message Of The Day). This message appears to every connecting client while the map loads. It will show up under the map name. The serverlist can contain now more then 128 servers: The maximum now is 256. The servernames are now case sensitiv. The complete line of a servername is now in the color of the estimated connection quality:- Green: High Ping, accurate gameplay.- Yellow: Medium Ping, bad for sniping.- Red: Low Ping, gameplay is mostly useless (if server is not unlagged) Dead server pings are also shown in the list. Modifications are assigned to the gametype So if you like the sound of this have a look-see. Definitely woth checking out!

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