EF*Posse - EFP*Captain Proton Pak

This is a clan skin pak for the EF*Posse.

The model consists of all of the Captain Proton models from the EF Expansion Pack, and have had...


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File Description

This is a clan skin pak for the EF*Posse.

The model consists of all of the Captain Proton models from the EF Expansion Pack, and have had EFP logos added to them. There are really no new shaders, only ones to make Satan's Robot look like he has a back to his door and "tongue". Bot Support is linked to the bot files in the 1.2 patch so if you're still using 1.1, you must download the Proton Patch located at http://warp9.to/efposse.

Sounds have been tied to the actual models, but a few have been updated.

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Download 'efmdl-efpproton.zip' (4.38MB)

	         EFP-Proton Skin Pak by EFP*Tim[HE]                          	           

Pak Name: EFP-Proton Pak
Contents: EFP-Arachnia, EFP-Buster, EFP-Chaotica, EFP-Guard, EFP-Goodheart, EFP-Proton, 
Date of Compilation: 9/9/2001
New Sounds: Kind of. (I used some sounds from EF to upgrade Satan's Robot a bit, nothing 
actually new)
Holomatch Team Support: Yes
Bot Support: Yes
Model Format: .md3/.mdr
Bot Editing program: Notepad
Texture Editing Programs: Adobe Photoshop 5.5
Time taken to make: Just under 24 hours


Pak Description:

The Adventures Of Captain Proton:
A 1930s TV series on Earth about a fictional superhero named Captain Proton saving the 
universe from the Nefarious Super-fiend: Dr. Chaotica. Aided by his trusty sidekick, Buster
Kincaid, and the ever nervous secretary Constance Goodheart, Proton sets off to thwart
Dr. Chaotica's plans for the universe...

Tom Paris, of the starship Voyager has always had a soft spot for old Earth history. So
when he started participating in the Capt. Proton Holodeck series, he was very enthusiastic.
With his good friend Hary Kim as Buster and his colleague, Seven of Nine occasionally as
Constance Goodheart, he sets off to fill the roll of Captain Proton.

This model pak is a conversion of the original Proton models from the EF Expansion Pack
in where there are a few improvements as well as the EFP logo have been integrated on.
Because I was extremely entusiastic on this (Due to my love on the cheesy Satan's Robot ;) )
this is the shortest time I've ever taken to make a skin sso far.
Hopefully in the future I can do this more often.


Installation Instructions:

Drag the efmdlpak-efpproton.pk3 file into the BaseEF folder in your STV:EF directory

Kulhane will now be available to choose in the player selection menu in Holomatch.


Drag the efmdlpak-efpproton.pk3 file into your BaseEF folder in the STV:EF directory

Open Holomatch and check the player selection!


Do you have comments, suggestions, or just want to chat? Then I can be contacted by:

ICQ: 24965853
E-Mail: [email protected]
MSN Messenger: [email protected]


Legal Stuff
You may take this model apart and look at it, but if you want to modify it and re-release it, 
you must ask me first.

Elite Force is a registered trademark of Ravensoft and Activision.

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