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A clan skin for the EF*Posse EFP-Mcniel is a skin that was designed by one of the EFP members, EFP*cmdr.mcniel**. Because of that, it was...


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A clan skin for the EF*Posse

EFP-Mcniel is a skin that was designed by one of the EFP members, EFP*cmdr.mcniel**. Because of that, it was named after her. It features the Telsia head, with blue hair, on top of the SevenHaz body. There is a new shader in where the lines on her straps are scrolling down.

The model comes with bot support, and sound effects by mcniel, herself.

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			    	  EFP*cmdr.mcniel** By EFP*Tim[HE]				   

EFP*cmdr.mcniel**: Another Skin for the EF*Posse! This skin was requested specifically by
EFP member EFP*cmdr.mcniel** as her personal skin so it's only fair that it's named after her.

This model is basically the Telsia head model (with Telsia and blue hair) on the Seven Hazard 
body. I put Telsia's head on Seven's body because one of the specifications was that 
this model was to have a *a-hem* "large chest area" (I think you get my drift ;) ). The reason 
Telsia's hair is blue is because it was also another specification.

The rest, ie the scrolling lines and EFP logo were my idea to jazz the model up a bit more.

This model is also another breakthrough in my learning to skin. Thanks to U.S.S Speed, I learnt
to recolor textures instead of totally redrawing them.

Well, I hope this skin will live up to it's expectations.  ENJOY!!

General Information:

Name: EFP-cmdr.mcniel
Gender: Female
Date of Compilation: 27/7/2001
New Sounds: Yes (Voice effects and talents are done personally be cmdr.mcniel herself!)
Holomatch Team Support: Yes
Bot Support: Yes
EFP Group Support: YES!!
Shaders: Transparent combadge and Scrolling Green/Gold lines
Helmet outline (Glows)
Model Format: .md3/.mdr
Texture Editing Programs: Adobe Photoshop 5.5
Time taken to make: This model, due to it's basic design was really easy to make and took 
under two weeks to construct.


Voice Effects: cmdr.mcniel was very kind as to previously record herself so I could use her 
voice for another model. Since that model probably won't make it off the drawing board (A huge
error in it I can't fix >:(  ), I decided to use the sound files for this model instead,
seeing as this is modeled around her.

So, a big thanks goes to EFP*cmdr.mcniel** for her kindness and generosity.

**WARNING: mcniel's death1 sound is really high pitched. DO NOT WEAR HEADPHONES ON FULL VOLUME!
You will put your ears out (I learned that the hard way ;) )! j/k! I lowered the volume in my 
sound editor but it may still be too loud. Be careful! Neither mcniel or I will take 
responsibility for any injuries suffered using this model**  ;)


Installation Instructions:

Both Platforms (Mac and PC):

Drag the efmd3-efpcmdrmcniel.pk3 file into your BaseEF directory.
Run Holomatch and enjoy!


Contact EFP*cmdr.mcniel:
E-mail: morgan_18_Y2K@yahoo.com
ICQ#: 30161616
Website: http://www.geocities.com/efposse

Bugs? Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Flamemail?.....
I can be contacted by:
ICQ: 24965853
E-Mail: efptim@techie.com
MSN Messenger: timothyoliver@hotmail.com

The EF*Posse is a clan for Elite Force that was founded at the very beginning.
It is a great place for socialization and a good game of EF and everyone there is really kind.
Even though they're nice, they're also very good at EF so if you ever do come in a confrontation
with us, RUN! 


Legal Stuff:
Although I have used textures made by Raven for EF, this model is for EF and so it isn't 
stealing, counterfeiting, masterminding, or anything else.

You may take the model apart to study but if you want to use any material from it for your skin 
to release online, you must contact me and ask me first (Don't worry, I'll respond. I'm 
online most of the day)


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