EF*Posse - EFP*Hazard Team Pak

A Skin Pak for the clan: The EF*Posse.

The Pak consists of every member of the Hazard Team (Including the ones that weren't available bef...


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File Description

A Skin Pak for the clan: The EF*Posse.

The Pak consists of every member of the Hazard Team (Including the ones that weren't available before. ie Nelson, Odell, etc.) in a modified, EFP design of the uniform. There are 2 new shaders applied, one creates scrolling lines on the Hazard Straps, and the other creates flashing lights on the Hazard cuff controls.

The Pak comes with Bot Support and extra taunts for some of the models.

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Download 'efmdl-efphazardteam.zip' (4.63MB)

		         EFP-HazardTeam and Team Flag By EFP*Tim*			   

EFP-HazardTeam: Here is the EFP-HazardTeam model set! This pak consists of 15 models of all 
of the members of the Original Hazard Team. The new uniform is a modification of EFP-Helmet
but it now incorporates several shaders, no apparent stretching, and a sleeker look.
I hope you enjoy it!

Flag team Support: Upon observing some other model sets, I found that it is possible to 
create your own flag textures that then makes your own team categories. A few default 
examples would be Borg, StarFleet, Hazardteam and so on.  On installing this pak, you'll 
also receive an EFP team, in where all of these models are compatible. Unfortunately, I did
not know of this when I created EFP-Helmet so I've uploaded a new version of EFP-Helmet
(Version 1.2) with the changes needed to make it EFP team compatible. Make sure you update
your copy of EFP-Helmet.


General Information

Name: EFP-HazardTeam
Specs: Contains every Hazard Team member from Elite Force in a newly designed EFP Hazard Suit
Models: Alexandria, Biessman, Chang, Chell, Csatlos, Foster, Jaworski, Jurot, Kenn, Laird,
Munro, Nelson, Odell, Oviedo, Telsia
Genders: Male and Female
Date of Compilation: 22/7/2001
New Sounds: Yes
Holomatch Team Support: Yes
Bot Support: Yes
Shaders: Combadge and pips (For transparency), Straps on Hazard suit (Green and yellow lines 
streak down them), Control screen on Belt (Made to look like it's actually on), Handcuffs 
(Glow on and off)
Model Format: .md3 and .mdr
Bot Editing program: Notepad. Original Bot files modified
Texture Editing Programs: Adobe Photoshop 5.5
Time taken to make: Because I really wanted to make this model, it took 5 days to make all 15

Installation Instructions:

Both Platforms (Mac and PC):

Drag the efmdl-efphazardteam.pk3 file into your BaseEF directory.
Run Holomatch and enjoy!


Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Flamemail?.....
I can be contacted by:
ICQ: 24965853
E-Mail: [email protected]
MSN Messenger: [email protected]

The EF*Posse is a clan for Elite Force that was founded at the very beginning.
It is a great place for socialization and a good game of EF and everyone there is really kind.
Even though they're nice, they're also very good at EF so if you ever do come in a confrontation
with us, RUN! 


Legal Stuff:
Although I have used textures made by Raven for EF, this model is for EF and so it isn't 
stealing, counterfeiting, masterminding, or anything else.

You may take the model apart to study it but if you want to use any material from it for your 
skin to release online, you must contact me and ask me first (Don't worry, I'll respond. I'm 
online most of the day)


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