EF2 Academy

Simply a little unofficial preview of EF2. :)

Enjoy this candy.


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Simply a little unofficial preview of EF2. :)

Enjoy this candy.

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Download 'ef2_academy.zip' (3.01MB)

                  STARFLEET ACADEMY



Unzip the package to your Elite Force folder (not 'baseef') and start the file 'EF2 preview.bat'



Name		: Elite Force 2 preview pack - Starfleet Academy

Created by	: HorckDude (idea, mapping, scripting, NPC creating)

		  USS Speed (mapping, texturing, skinning)

Released on	: 14/1/2003

Development time	: HorckDude worked a few days on the map after which Speed took over and made many improvements. The map was kinda forgotten for some months until it was picked up just before christmas. The map and NPC scripting was finished by HorckDude and USS Speed finished the remaining skinning work.



At time of the release we're approaching the Elite Force 2 release date. Only a few more months to go. :)

But when this preview was first created it was about 8 months away. HorckDude was looking over some screenshots and when he saw the shot of Starfleet Academy the idea came to recreate it for EF1, as a preview map for the Elite Force community. It didn't take long before USS Speed, who had earlier created the EF2 Munro skin and EF2 phaser rifle,  was contacted and together work began.

Now here it is and we hope you'll like. :)



Credits for this preview go to Ritual Entertainment in the first place for doing the original academy map. Raven Software for doing the brilliant Elite Force game itself and ofcourse Gene Roddenberry for creating Star Trek.



If you have any question or problems with this preview contact us at:


E-mail	: webmaster@horckweb.com

ICQ	: 60619585

MSN	: webmaster@horckweb.com

USS Speed

E-mail	: therealjam@hotmail.com

ICQ	: 92871460

MSN	: therealjam@hotmail.com



You can distribute this preview freely as long as we (USS Speed and HorckDude) are given the proper credit. Please do not change the pk3 file for further distribution and do not remove this readme file.

If you want to use anything in the pk3 for your own EF creation you MUST ask for my permission first.

This map is based upon a screenshot of an area created by Ritual Entertainment so the copyrights for Starfleet Academy's design and structure are theirs.


- HorckDude

- USS Speed

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