Egyptian Showdown

UniKorn's submission for the Raven Mapping Competition. The WINNER of the competition!!! :D

Excellent map! Its egytion themed and very...


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UniKorn's submission for the Raven Mapping Competition. The WINNER of the competition!!! :D

Excellent map! Its egytion themed and very well done! Its got many levels to play on and a few jump pads around the map. Nice locations for the weapons and ammo, makes the players really move all over.

It's a LOT of fun to play and congrats to UniKorn for winning!!!

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Download '' (3.04MB)

Extra map for Star Trek Voyager Elite Force. Full Version! 
     Author:       UniKorn
      email:       [email protected]
       Date:       07/01/2002
   Map Name:   	   Egyptian Showdown
   Map type:       ffa/tdm/tourney
Description:       Full version,
		   1v1 Map created for the RavenBoard competition
Bot support:       Yes

Installation:     -Extract the pk3 file into your Elite ForceBaseEF folder.
                  -all additional textures / shaders have been included

Map Construction / Build Info
efRadient:		Map editor
Q3MAP.exe               .bsp compiler
Winzip:			For.Pk3 creation
Notepad:                .arena file creation
Known Bugs/Nigglys     	sparklies here and there
			outside area on top is quite dark, but only become so when I 
			did the final fullvis. Due to lack of time and an angry gf I
			decided to submit it like this

Compiler Computer:     amd 800 512 mb ram

Other credits:              

Date:             13th August 2001.
author:           Sock 
email:            [email protected]
Version:          1.5


     help:                  all the great ef/q3 radiant sites out there and
                            the ravensoft message boards
     readme template:       [email protected]

I/We, will not be held responsible for any damage or loss of data as a result of
the installation or use of the files located in this zip file, as always I 
recommend using a virus checker on all downloaded material. This map MAY NOT be
decompiled and used as a base map for any other creation, without the written 
consent of the original authors permission,nor shall any part of this zip be used
for commercial gain. However if you wish to distribute this map it must contain 
ALL the original files,that were present during the initial download, and must
not be altered in any way shape or form.It may be distributed in any form other
than normal snail mail

The .map file will be given out to those whom I deem necessary. 
I reserve the right to modify these files in anyway, at any time, without warning. 
"Star Trek","Voyager" are trademarks of Paramount pictures Inc ©2000.
"Elite force" is a trademark of Raven Software.
"geothermal station 3" ©2001 J.Brewin All Rights  Reserved.

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