CTF Elevator (as the name suggests) has 2 elevators in both bases. The flags are located on these elevators. What is interesting about this...


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CTF Elevator (as the name suggests) has 2 elevators in both bases. The flags are located on these elevators. What is interesting about this map is that the flag locations constantly change! This adds some extra challenge to the normal CTF. Its a basic voy-styled map and has a few bridges connecting the 2 bases. Challenging??? You bet!

(If you are having troubles loading the map I suggest you read the readme because it might contain the solution) (and this file has been reuploaded, the previous download count I believe was around 100)

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Download 'ctf_elevator.zip' (331KB)


ctf_elevator2 by EF BETAmax

This map is intended as a CTF map only.


Eric Schafenberg for his EFRadient tutorials.
Stukatto for his EFRadient tutorials.
Gamespy EFRadient Forum for their helpful advice.
M. Kupfer (DANGERCITY) for inspiration.
[nWo]Buffalo(ctf_playground) for inspiration.

The EF Clan for their continuing support-
especially EF Cruise - clan webmaster. EF Blood - server resources.

WEBSITES THAT HAVE MY MAPS, thanks for sharing my work.

Elite Force Files,  www.effiles.com
[nWo] Clan, www.nwomainframe2.com
Elite Force Hazard Team,  www.efhz.com


EF Homer
EF Adidas
EF Blood


Gene Roddenberry for creating Star Trek.
Paramount for continuing the franchise.
Raven Software for the great game.

Anyone else who has provided information about using EFRadient on the internet.

This is my third map (second attempt). Thanks to those mentioned above in the BETA TESTING for their patience and help when the first attempt at the map was found to have a bug. I wanted to make a map that had a random element to the position of the flag (that is why the flag is on the elevator platform), hopefully this will make it harder for people to do 'set'  moves and add a bit more chaos to the game. Please let me know of any bugs or probs.


12 January 2002, ctf_elevator released
Error  found in map after tests on a internet connected server.
13 January 2002, ctf_elevator rebuild released
Error still present
14 January 2002, message sent out informing people to delete ctf_elevator and await a rebuild of the map newly titled ctf_elevator2
16 January 2002, ctf_elevator2 released to selected parties for testing.
New Error found
18 January, ctf_elevator2 (final version) released


I have observed that when a server loads a map (any map) it seems to keep an 'image' of the maps progress ie the position of moving object is recorded. 
This means when you type map_restart the moving object may start at a position other than the default starting position (it will start at the last position it was at before the map was restarted, this seems to be the case with the flag entity as well)
When I first made the map I had objects on the elevator such as the armour and the medkit, these objects do not get priority on spawning so it was possible for them to spawn inside a solid (the elevator). 
My second attempt removed the known offending items (armour and medkit) from the elevator. This solved the map_restart issue but there was another problem that I did not anticipate.
When you change from one map to another the server remembers the state of the solid objects in a map, but doesn't record the  position of the spawning entities such as the flag. What this means is that if you start the server on ctf_elevator2 then change to another map and then change back to ctf_elevator2  the server will start the moving objects at their last recorded position, but will start the spawning entities at their default origin. Hence the two items can intersect and once again cause a startsolid error.
To work arround this I have had to position the Flag entity so that it can never* spawn inside a solid.
*The only posible way it can spawn inside a solid is if its 'momentum' generated while falling after spawning (objects in EF are effected by a kind of gravity) is so great that it pushes it through a solid. I have witnessed this occurence and have experience startsolid errors from this effect.
Hopefully I have corrected the issues described above -
1. I have removed items that spawn late into the game from the elevator
2. I have moved the Flag entity so that its default spawn position can never intersect any part of the elevator.
3. (This is where the next doubt arrises) I have hopefully positioned the Flag entity so that it cannot generate sufficient momentum to push it through a solid.

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[email protected]

All materials are the copyright of their respective owners, no infringement was intended in the creation of this map.

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