Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force v1.1 Patch



Raven's first patch for Voyager Elite Force.

Patch Fixes Include:

Major Fixes:

Single Player In the Dreadnaught levels, your teammates will no longer attack you if you destroy the turrets they were fighting.

In the Dreadnaught levels, some users were encountering an issue involving Tuvok becoming stuck in a cinematic. This issue has been resolved.

At low frame rates, it was possible for event triggers to not activate. The method of triggering events has been modified to address this problem. A similar problem involving the completion of cinematics has been fixed.

Multiplayer (Holomatch) The game will now accept CD-Keys that were incorrectly printed with spaces instead of zeroes (“0”) in the final two characters of the CD-Key.

Minor Fixes:

Single Player Dynamic lights have been fixed for the Matrox G400 card.

An error in the French text for Janeway's bio in the menu has been corrected.

In Voy8, you can now enter the broken door before Salma and Paris finish their conversation without affecting their script or the mission objectives update.

In Stasis3, a clipping curve collision causing navigation problems has been fixed.

When entering Voy5 on easy mode, the correct health level is maintained.

It is now longer possible to teleport into Chell in Stasis3.

On Voy7, the turbolift doors no longer stay open while the lift rises.

On DN1, a small chance of Tuvok and Chang getting stuck and blocking the player has been fixed.

In Borg6, Chang will not get stuck on the Borg examination surface.

A bug in Voy15 involving Chang not getting on the transporter pad has been addressed.

During Borg6, you can no longer break a trigger causing a door to close and block your progress.

In DN3, blowing up the first head-bot during the cinematic no longer stops game play.

Similarly, in DN4, blowing up the first maintenance-bot during cinematic does not stop game play.

Firing grenades into the cinematic on Voy8 no longer stops game play.

A ceiling piece no longer lands on Munro's head before he beams out after the final confrontation on the Forge.

Multiplayer (Holomatch) A spelling error in the French word “Bleu” has been fixed.

In Free-for-all, the team name is now correctly grayed out.

Scorch marks no longer show up on water.


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