Elite Force Revisited

Basically this mod changes a lot of the original Raven textures and sounds, almost all for the better. The new textures really do look high...


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Basically this mod changes a lot of the original Raven textures and sounds, almost all for the better. The new textures really do look high resolution which is always a good thing. Voyager is kind of made to look like Enterprise E with all the new textures. Also most of the sounds have been changed from the old and somewhat boring original to new and fresh sounds.

When you first load the game you will immediately notice there is a new loading screen. After that you will end up in the main menu. Scroll through the weapons listing and notice how all weapons are changed to look more realistic. Load one of the maps made by Raven and check it out. Almost all the textures have been changed. I kind of like the way it looks now. You'll have to admit, the grey-ish textures were a little boring to say the least.

All the crewmembers have been given a new uniform. Like the ones from the episode "Endgame". Of course the hazard team members haven't been forgotten in this clothing change festivity, they have been given a new uniform like the ones from EF2.

Of course when changing textures to a map means all the levelshots are outdates so the author took a few moments and created new levelshots. Also when spawning you normally get the transporter effect. This also has been changed to a new one. I myself preferred the old one better but then again, I have no taste :p . Now this new tricorder model is really cool. It's like the one from EF2 but they're not exactly the same. This sure beats the old one.

Take a look at the screenshots and give this baby a download!

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Download 'zzzefevisited.zip' (32.33MB)

Elite Force Revisited - RTF Readme
Mod Version 1.0 - Created by dan74hea

For Star Trek Voyager: Elite Force

Introduction: This mod is a complete texture/sound/gfx change for the Elite Force game. It makes the ship look like the Enterprise E does in Elite Force 2.

Installation: To install this mod: unzip the pk3 file into your "gamedata/baseef" folder. (Make sure no other mods are running at the same time)

What This Mod Does:

-Changes the textures for:
Conference Room
Ready Room
Mess Hall
Crew Quarters
Hazard Deck
Cargo Bays
Shuttle Bay
Jefferies Tubes
Deck 15

-Completely New LCARS panels added for all locations ("Nemesis"style)

-Changes textures, gfx and sounds for all weapons.
-New phaser model (EF2 style)
-Weapons are now:
Phaser Compression Rifle
Klingon Pulse Rifle
Organic Assault Rifle
Granade Lancher
Tetrion Disruptor
Quantum Laucher 
Arc Launcher
-New tricorder model, EF2 style with new textures.
-New gleams on all weapons.

Player Models:
-Captain Janeway's hair has been corrected. (from that odd red to her normal brown)'
-New holodeck bot:
Gonzales: from EF2. 

-New futuristic uniforms for all crewmembers. (the same uniforms seen in "All Good Things..." and "Endgame.")
-New hazard team uniforms. (white collar, like the EF2 ones)
-New futuristic combadge (the same seen in "All Good Things..." and "Endgame.")

Other Cool Stuff:
-New Screenshots for Holomatch locations
-New opening and closing logos.
-Hi Rez Transporter effects
-New pickup, no-ammo and re-spawn sounds.
-New menu sounds

Legal Issues: All textures have been created/recreated by dan74hea. (None have been illegally taken from Elite Force 2)

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