Enterprise D Map

enterprise_d_map.pk3 —


This map is basicly the Enterprise D.

Though there are alot of bugs in this as the map was converted from Quake 2,to quake 3 then finally Elite Force :).

But still alot of bugs were fixed and this map is quite nice with Engineering,The Main Bridge,Sick bay to add to the Star Trek scene.

But there are still are a lot of things that aren't finished like the turbolifts, transporters, jefferies tubes and a lot of other script that originally were in the Quake 2 MOD.

Word of warning DONT touch the beds in sick bay, you will see what i mean :p.

This can also be used in the demo version of Elite Force.

Note about the rating: The original map was great and would deserve a high rating, but because the port wasn't done very good a lot of things are missing. It's now very difficult to get to another deck below you. And getting to a higher deck is even impossible! That's why the tech-rating gets a 4.


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